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Sodus Point 7/26/19

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My son and i were on the water at 5:30AM.  NW wind and 3 ft rollers was supposed to be SW until later in Am according to report. We started in 100 ft and worked to the west against the waves picked up first fish in 137 ft of water on rigger with Carbon #14 Magnum spoon 85 ft on rigger (probably running about 77 ft and set back 35 ft. Second salmon came on same rigger same setup about an hour later in 149 ft. One fish about 10 lbs the other pushing 20. Note the large lamprey still attached  about 2 ft long. Poor fella left this Earth without his head:lol: We had one more massive hit on wire setup out 185 over 138 ft with white home made white fly behind Wonderbread glow flasher and he made huge runs and finally spit the fly way off in the distance.Speed about 2.5-2.7 for each fish. We knocked off at noon as the heat was really set in. Fleas were there but very moderate. Also checked out area out to about 190 or so nothing there....a lot of debris floating around out there (sticks, branches 2x4's, plastic bags, etc.).

king 1.jpg



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