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new property - food plotting help

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We're closing soon on a new property in Holley/Albion and there are a variety of small fields, as well as one 14 acre field, that have been tilled and planted in the recent past - both as food plots and agriculture. This year they are gone to weed. The property is landlocked with a decent dirt road right-of-way, but I don't have any equipment out there, nor have I ever plotted before. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a local with a small tractor and some expertise who I could contract with to work up some dirt and install a plot? I have the sense that I'd like to keep it simple; maybe alfalfa, clover, and winter wheat or rye. In the longer term, I'm hoping to trade use of the large field to a farmer for some help with a plot, assuming I'd buy the fertilizer, seed, and whatnot to do it right. If you have a lead, feel free to shoot me a pm. Since I'm a complete newbie, all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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