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I'll be running J plug this year in September early September I'm wondering how far back from the ball should they be. Also I'm going to try the Dodger with the fly how far back do you think they should be from the ballIMG_20190622_153557_804.thumb.jpg.679a67ae57198828c428cb5ac203ce69.jpg

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35 to  75 +  for j plugs 


Shallow ,farther back 


Deeper can be closer 


Mid day doldrums , run it back 125 ft 


Look for them mid day on  bottom  at 50 to   90 ft 


Run weights 7 to 10 ft off bottom to account for dive  of plugs . 


I run my flashers 25 to 35 but no bites on calm seas bright day I have run them  back 80 ft to get a hit . Works sometimes . 

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3 hours ago, Captsmate said:

Thank you for the info..my work schedule only allows me to come up mid September and i hear the kings dont bite at that time. I hope i can troll a few up..

Don't bite then ? 


You must be joking . 


But first light and just before dark is best

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