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Sam northwest jet

Kicker wiring

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I just purchased a new kicker. Honda 9.9 electric start/tilt and am heading on a trip this weekend. When I have time I will add a blue seas add a battery kit with acr but in meantime I am wondering whats the safest way to hook kicker to battery. Currently have honda 150 with 2 batteries and a perko switch (1,2, and both) can I just parallel the kicker to main motor leads on switch currently? If I only run one at a time is there a chance of damage. Thanks for info

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I hooked my kicker directly to the perko battery switch.[1,2 and both] Not sure if its the right way. I also run two batteries.

Only difference is Yamaha motors. Been that way 19yrs never had a problem. 1000s of hours.

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