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Got out first light . Started in 60 ft and worked out  to 140 temp was down around 100 ft . A,lot of bait in close . 


Got 2 knock off right off the bat then searched . Got over some fish and bait and managed 2 kings . One More hit and that was it.  


Probably the last day with the big boat as tommorow looks to be Nasty . And might pull it tomorrow. 

Then it will be small boat`n . 


The 2 fish and most of the hits came on my Gary D rig . It has been  my go to this year and I'm very happy with it and has only let me down a few times . Never put a fly out this year . Did not get to tweak it like I wanted to . Can't wait to try it on the " off the mouth " bite . . 

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Back at it this morning after the lightning 


Set up in 50  and worked out . Bait but not a lot of fish on it . 


Slide diver and moonshine crab face went and got a real nice Laker . 

A little choppy for my taste and with no fish we called it a Derby . 


And that was it . My rig let me down today .Bu t nothing works all every time . 

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