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Cayuga Cayuga 10/25

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Solo trip out of South end.  Ran flat lines with spoons & stickbaits.  Did 4 Browns & 2 Salmon.  Temp on top was 53. 

The Browns were all in the 2lb range, full of Gobies.  Salmon were both small.

Trolled E side, mostly 20 - 60 FOW.  After one Brown spit up a Gobie on the boat, I put it aside so I could get a picture. 10 minutes later I realized I still needed that pic, so got it and tossed the Gobie over board.  This one looked like the tail section was starting to get digested, as it was slightly discolored.  That damn Gobie was still alive and swam in circles!  Hope some Brown got an easy meal.  Man those things are tough.




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