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  1. A Smart Troll unit would help ensure that your baits are at the depth, speed and temp you are targeting.
  2. I have that unit on one of my boats - it works fine. The biggest drawbacks in my opinion are 1) Its slow 2) Replacement parts are limited in availability. The motor brushes burned out on my previous unit, and the only option I could find after scouring the web and various forums, was to replace the full actuator assembly for +$500, to fix a $5 problem.
  3. If you get out early you can launch without much issue, but the marina turns into a real mess by the afternoon. Given the choice, I'd recommend launching out of Mexico or Fair Haven that weekend...
  4. How's he gonna pull copper if he leaves em at home, Nick?!
  5. Sharing for a friend, see link below for details: Six machined aluminum plates for LUND boats & others with (vertical, 90 degree 90*) Sport Tracks. Two are new, 2 had bases installed with 2 3/8" holes, and 2 with 3 1/4" holes. All four with pre-drilled holes can be re-drilled by positioning your base to miss them - this will not compromise the integrity of the plate. The plates are 3/16" machined aluminum - solid, no flex at all. I have pics that show that once installed, you have approx. 1" of clearance between the bottom of the plate and the gunnel (top) of your boat. I used stainless 3/4" nuts/washers to secure my bases. I also stuck on some clear "bumpers" on those I was using, just to be sure that they didn't touch my gunnel when installing or removing. There is approximately a 4.5 X 5,5 inch area of the plate that is suitable for positioning bases. Once clamped into the sport track these babies do not move at all. Brand new from LUND these cost between $65-$75. I will sell them for $40 each, and if you want all six, $225 for them all. Super easy to install - place the plate in the track, position the locking plate and slide it into place ... tighten the screws. Shipping will be a flat $20, or, you can pick them up in Fishers Landing, NY if you are close. Thanks for looking, good fishing! Marketplace - LUND Sport Track Plates for Downriggers, Rod Holders & Rod Trees | Facebook
  6. I have a Starcraft Titan with a similar dash configuration - I mounted my Helix 8 (same size head unit as Helix 9) on the dash above the cupholder with a 2" Ram Mount (6" arm, I believe). Would recommend.
  7. Congrats Brian! Great to have such a knowledgeable resource and meticulous eye on the South Shore!
  8. There was a large raft offshore midlake on Monday.
  9. Moore's Marine in Trumansburg is a certified Yamaha dealer
  10. Just in time for hunting season, I have Qty 2 of these frame packs for sale. Both gently used (1 season). Pack can be removed to convert to a hauling frame. More detail below: Durable Ripstop fabric withstands heavy use and harsh hunting environments. Top loading, spindrift collar with draw cord secures main compartment. Organize your gear in one of many pockets: main pocket, side spotting scope pocket, two hinged side accessory pockets, front pockets and waist belt pouches Detach pack bag and use the frame to haul out meat with a unique, secure lashing system; Anodized cotter and clevis pin design for easy adjustability Hydration compatible, lower door access for main pocket, drop-down rifle holder pocket, webbing loops for lashing Total Weight: 7 lbs. 5 oz.; Pack Bag Weight: 2 lbs. 3 oz.; Capacity: 5250 in³/86 L; Torso Range: 17” – 23”; Standard Waist Belt Range: 26” – 40” Asking $100 each. Located in Ithaca - willing to meet half way, within reason.
  11. Brewer's Sporting Goods is about 10 minutes from Dean's - they should have everything you would need.
  12. That's correct. "⊲ each line is limited to not more than 5 lures or baits or a combination of both."
  13. I agree with Tall Tails - I've had better luck with sabikis during the day than under lights. Get the smallest ones you can find (Bass pro shops #3s work well)
  14. This time of year they will come right into lights on shore
  15. Bear's Bait & Tackle in Trumansburg (about 5 mins from the park) has alewives
  16. Check out Great Lakes Planers Fishing and Trolling Gear Manufacturer - Great Lakes Planers
  17. Another overlooked benefit to using your bow-fan as steering while trolling is how much more responsive the boat is to making quick adjustments. While fishing the steep ledges of the FLX you get get yourself out of trouble in a hurry if you find a ledge that's not well-marked on your chart. I've got a 72" Terrova on my 18' Starcraft, and haven't had many issues with the motor breaking the surface in a steep chop.
  18. Looking for a Do-It Bullet Nose Jig mold, Model BDB-5-A, 1oz-2oz.
  19. No ice in the inlet. May be launchable, depending on your rig.
  20. Thanks Mark - do you know what time the event is scheduled to run?
  21. Pretty work, Whaler! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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