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  1. Check out Great Lakes Planers Fishing and Trolling Gear Manufacturer - Great Lakes Planers
  2. Another overlooked benefit to using your bow-fan as steering while trolling is how much more responsive the boat is to making quick adjustments. While fishing the steep ledges of the FLX you get get yourself out of trouble in a hurry if you find a ledge that's not well-marked on your chart. I've got a 72" Terrova on my 18' Starcraft, and haven't had many issues with the motor breaking the surface in a steep chop.
  3. Looking for a Do-It Bullet Nose Jig mold, Model BDB-5-A, 1oz-2oz.
  4. No ice in the inlet. May be launchable, depending on your rig.
  5. Thanks Mark - do you know what time the event is scheduled to run?
  6. Pretty work, Whaler! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. You could also run your rods out of a track on your gunwale.
  8. I run an 18.5 Starcraft with full glass - I usually have about 18" of clearance under the bridge, if that helps.
  9. I saw him down by Taughannock Saturday evening - think my drool brought the lake level up 2"...
  10. They adjust based on how you set them in the track. If you want to go from 45-90 you need to remove the holder and replace it at the desired angle.
  11. Bert's holders have a diamond-shaped base that lets you adjust the axis to be ~45, 90 and ~135 degrees based on how they are set in the track.
  12. In addition to icing the fish right away, and eating them fresh - bleeding the fish when you put them in the cooler makes a significant difference in the overall palatability of Lake Trout (and most fish, for that matter).
  13. Water was very low last weekend - I'd guess the last 10-15' of the dock had water by it, and not much of it. Cayuga Lake State Park was worse.
  14. Yesterday was 37 degrees in the cleaner water, and up to 39 in the dirty water
  15. I found this clarifying remark in the FAQs: Q12. Do I need to keep the Engine Cut-Off Switch Link attached at all times? A12. No. The Engine Cut-Off Switch Link doesn’t need to be attached when the vessel is idling, performing docking maneuvers or just going slow. The Engine Cut-Off Swith Link must be attached whenever the boat is operating on plane or greater than displacement speed Engine/Propulsion Cut-Off Devices (uscgboating.org) Important note for small-boat trollers.
  16. I've done a bunch of stuff on mine, but I think my favorite so far has been reverse-seared venison steaks...
  17. I can’t find the exact make and model of it, but it’s aluminum, and has “Remington” stamped on one side. Not sure if it’s OEM or Aftermarket... I’ve not had any problems with it. The saddles are pretty reasonable (compared to a new barrel). Give it a shot and see what you think. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. If you’re not dead-set on a cantilever barrel, check out a saddle mount. I’ve got one on my 1100 and am pleased with it. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Hundreds of Canadas and Snows flying high over Ithaca. Hoping to get on the lake this weekend.
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