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for sale : usa Used Radar Mount $50 .00

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shop fabricated radar mount , Height 6 3/4" ,base plate 8"X8"X3/8

top plate 7 3/4"  X 7 3/4"  X1/8"

2 1/2"x 2 1/2" tube

alum.   Not pitted  another top plate can be added onto plate if your unit needs more spacing.439178797_Radarmount001.thumb.JPG.b399c2df05a0e0182aa6d5b4ba75410e.JPG1824998245_Radarmount002.thumb.JPG.dbe119675d05ca653b8d6ab72b9405eb.JPG1063004747_Radarmount003.thumb.JPG.6d39abbb0fe2974a1ee3da5a703681eb.JPG1959118336_Radarmount004.thumb.JPG.8e5c45ac53eca3b57a73908a40235079.JPG

$50.00 plus shipping it is a used item

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