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LOTSA Clothing Available Again


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As we did last year, LOTSA will be able to offer LOTSA themed clothing items to our members.  In order to avoid the upfront costs associated with producing the merchandise and carrying the inventory, LOTSA will continue our arrangement with “Special Tees” located in Geneseo, New York.  Special Tees has created a website where our members can go online and purchase LOTSA  merchandise; such as hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jacket, and UV protective shirts in men and women styles.  The LOTSA member pays for the merchandise, applicable tax and shipping costs.  Your order will be shipped directly to you.  There is no cost to the club.

Please be advised that this is not an on demand ordering system.  There is a deadline in which you can place your order.  Once the deadline expires, the website will not allow you to place an order.  The reason for this is because Special Tees has to set up the printing equipment and will run all of our orders at the same time.  This helps keep costs down.  Bottom line –Do Not Procrastinate if you want to place an order!

              The website will be as follows:  https://lota20.itemorder.com

              The website will be open from January 16, 2020-February 3, 2020.

              Thus, the last day to order is February 3, 2020.

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For me, the hat mustn't bother me when I'm exercising. It has to fit snugly on your head, not fall off, but also not to press you down. I often buy myself caps because I run every day and sweat a lot, and I need to have several hats to replace them. And besides, there are several hats that I wear to work or to meet friends, like this stylish hat https://headwearhut.com/collections/custom-7-panel-hats. And for sports, you can buy something from Reebok or Adidas, as long as you like it and are comfortable.

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