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488 & counting. Who's going to be #500?? Michigan had over 700 on theirs.


:question::question::question: What's your number :question::question::question:

For those of you who support it, here’s a letter that you can probably copy/paste & send them an email if you’d like. Hardcopy will available at the LOTSA Fishing Expo in a couple weeks. (along with a listing of regional directors snail mail & tel numbers)

Dear sir,

As a concerned Salmon/Trout fisherman, I feel it is important for the NYSDEC to enact a Special Regulation for the open waters of Lake Ontario for those sportsmen actively trolling for Salmon/Trout that allows anglers to use 3 Rods. The DEC should enact it and then monitor it through its creel surveys to verify its benefits similar to what Michigan has done.

The 3-ROD RULE will benefit both the sportsman and New York State, especially in these tough economic times. The number of fishermen on Lake Ontario has trended downward for a number of years. This proposal will increase angler satisfaction with the fishery hence boost the number of return trips that anglers make to the lake which in turn will help local communities.

“Catching†is the major factor that an angler weighs in his decision to make return visits to the fishery. Salmon/Trout are widely dispersed throughout the water column for much of the year and as such are difficult to key in on. Allowing the 3rd rod will increase the individual anglers’ “catch potential†during these times. Those fishermen that don’t catch a fish here are the ones that become frustrated and decide to go somewhere else next time or spend their money on other forms of recreation.

The Creel Limits and the Lure/Bait/Hook/Point rules control fishery exploitation NOT the number of rods an angler uses. The 3-ROD RULE advocates no change in Creel Limits but does define Lure/Bait/Hook/Point rules and is much more applicable to sport trolling for Salmon/Trout than the current outdated statewide “2 line with or without rod/5 lure/15 points per line†regulations.

I feel the regulation should be structured

-As a special regulation for Sportfishing on the open waters of Lake Ontario & specifically not on the Bays, rivers or channels.

-To stipulate only “Actively trolling for Salmon/Troutâ€

-To allow 3 lines per person and that they must be attached to fishing rods

-To limit the number of points on an individual rod and a maximum number of lures/baits on all 3 rods

-To limit the number of lures/baits per boat

-To stipulate that all hooks must be attached to lures or be baited

In conjunction, the regulation should remind Trollers that (1) Foul hooked fish must be immediately released and (2) The legal limit of fish is still in effect.

Thank You

To make sure it gets to the agenda people, address/send to:

[email protected] with subject line: Possible Freshwater Fishing Regulation Changes.

Or send to

Regulatory Agenda Contact (6 NYCRR Part 10, Sportfishing Regulations)

Shaun Keeler,

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation,

Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources,

E-mail: [email protected]

Tom B.


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