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Anyone interested in helping to collect trout and salmon stomachs?

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LOU community,


If anyone is interested in helping to collect stomachs from Lake Ontario trout and salmon you clean please see this website for instructions (http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/120435.html) or PM me on here. Collecting the stomachs is fairly easy, there is a small amount of information we are looking to have written down, and everything can be tossed in a plastic bag and frozen. The website explains it all.  Six drop off freezers, that have sample bags too, are located from Fort Niagara to Oswego. If you can get samples but not get them to a freezer PM me and we might be able to accommodate.


A big thank you to the anglers and charter captains who have been saving and sending stomach samples already, but we always need more! The prey fish composition from these samples will be compared to historic samples (thank you all for that help) and you'll see results of all those data in upcoming reports. Some of my colleagues information is out there if you have any questions and always feel free to PM me on here.


Thanks again,

Brian Weidel









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