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2-28 Sodus Report

Finders Keepers

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Well, I am definitely glad last weekend was the tourny! :$ Got on the ice around 7:30 today and as I was drilling the 2nd hole out in the honey hole from last weekend the first flag went up. I wasn't expecting anything with a flag that quick, but did pull a 4 lb pike on the ice. 8) Looked like I was in for a good day... Well, about two hours later (and no perch to be had) two flags went up almost at the same time and I iced two nice 8.5 and 6 lb pike. Ok, now it's going to pick up...nope. Sat and waitied until 11, when I decided to try in close for the perch. I found the perch and had a dozen or so keepers by 1 pm when I decided to call it a day - I was frozen!! Man was it cold out there today! So I would suggest for anyone going for perch, try in close (8 - 10 fow). For pike, I'm not sure. There were some out deep, but not like last week.... Perhaps they were north of Newark Island or SW of Eagle, where a TON of people were fishing.

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