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Dressing up your Sutton’s

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So I have been tempted to “dress up” some Sutton’s for a while now (especially the newer ones with rougher finishes). I have done a little taping in the past but not a lot, even a touch of painting too but always worried about the affects on action.


That said, anyone have more experience and want to share how they like to tweak things and maybe some pictures? (Don’t give away your golden ticket though [emoji38])


Here’s what I have modified so far. And no, I didn’t paint the back of the #61 black, it just turned that color [emoji20]. It pains me to do anything to them but I’m currently fighting the urge to bust out the powder paint..





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At one time I experimented with this a great deal. I never had much luck taping the whole spoon or taping one edge. It just killed the balance and ruined the action. I did have success taping a thin band (maybe an half inch wide) across the middle of the spoon. I had one that was lime green taped that was a real killer on Cayuga, raspberry tape worked for rainbows, and orange worked well for browns. Sorry, no pics available.

These were all in the Sutton 44.

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