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Took my cousin out for a quick evening trip so see if we could get a King since hes never got one out of a boat before. Weather was iffy for my small boat being the weather guys goofed again. Anyways started setting up about 615 in 110 fow and while I was setting my second diver in first one goes screaming.  After about 20 minutes fish was in boat somehow after wind and tangle issues. It was a 17 pound king.  We released fish and set up again turning back into the increasing wind so we didnt get to far from port.  Cousin gets a text from his girlfriend that she prayed we were not on the lake because of the Tornado watch.  We laughed and decided we should head in when other diver rips and battle ensues.  I turn boat to go with wind and after a hectic 15 minutes the second king comes in the boat. He was around 20 pounds. That was it we picked up evrything and did a  slow ride back to the creek. Boat was on trailer at 800.pm. It was a quick hectic nite of salmon fishin but he can't wait to get out again.

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