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Woke up to some bumps on Friday morning so waited on the lake to settle down a bit. Launched around Noon with a couple greenhorns and made our way to about 350. Found some bait and took a rip on a deep diver but came up empty. Then high diver w spoon fired with a nice steelie and got on some steady action.


Flasher/stud fly 95 down on rigger took 14 & 20lb kings. High divers w spoons took 5 steelie bites and deep divers took some smaller (7/8lb) kings too. Had steady action and a happy crew. Went 3/5 on steel and 5/5 on kings. Clouds moved in around 5 and shut down out action. Called it a day.


Saturday we woke to a calmer than expected lake so launched around 8am. (No trailers in the lot on a Saturday? wife asks if everyone knows something we don’t...)


Figured to work the inside waters wind permitting. Setup 4/5 miles West of the Oak in 80 feet and worked out to 95. Took a 10lber on blue DW mag spoon on high diver 275 back. Then right out front we managed a double in some washing machine like conditions - 1 14er on deep diver w two face uv spin doctor n aqua/blue fly then high diver 225 back w mag blue dolphin DW hooked up and landed both. Second one was pushing 20. Ran jplugs deep to start but nothing doing.


By then the wind machine really cranked up and shifted to west so we called it day and made a slow bee line back. No derby fish today but we’ll try again next weekend.


Wifey did a great job steering and clearing then grabbing the 20 when it hit. Lucky to have a better half that is willing to stay and fish in 3-4s, control a boat, and still land a fish.


Good luck if you go.





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