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With the forecast , I wasn't going out and was going to fish the creek but I saw lights on Coyote K boat so I went out behind him . 


Flatest seas I've seen in weeks . But the lake flipped and cold water . 


Made a few passes with no hits . 


Last ditch effort I flat lined across the mouth  my precious pearl white black dot #3 Northport nailer j plug and tagged a nice hen for eggs . 


Beat that spot up and that was it . 



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Back out late afternoon Tues . Did my Small boat tactics j plug program . Wasn't out there 5 min and #3 glow green takes a nice hook jaw  king. I'm like yea , its going to be a good day . 


No more hits . 


Yes Dickey , I his the motor with a,hammer and it worked so I figure I'm all good . 

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