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  1. I love it. Does everything I want from it. If you ever want to see the layout and room just PM me.
  2. Nice job, I think we launched close to same at the dock. I have the maroon Starcraft. Glad to see the kids had fun.
  3. Bill, what length when running your Gary D rig?
  4. Dipsey to flasher - length of rod flasher to fly - 24”
  5. Fine tuned welding on Facebook. Great products and finish. I got fixed triples. Rick
  6. I took the fire boat out on eclipse day and it was less than 2’ in certain spots of the channel hugging west side. Was hoping it would improve but always seems to be shallow there.
  7. Roy’s Boys, do you have both hooked up to your HB and you just toggle between transducers on the touch screen or do you have to unhook and plug in the other each time in back of unit? Thanks
  8. I contacted airmar and they said I need a P66-DT-HB
  9. Does anyone run an Airmar P66 transducer for their Humminbird? If so do you see an improvement over the stock HB transducer? It was suggested to run this transducer over the stock transducer for my Helix 9. It will be for trolling on a 196 Fishmaster on Lake O. Thanks, Rick
  10. So let’s clarify…. 1. I am not fun to fish with. 2. I don’t have a Beautiful big boat and really cool electronics and systems. 3. I am not Fun just to watch. 4. I catch lakers. I am heart broken! Lol
  11. Bill, After fishing with Rob your never gonna want to fish with me again. I can’t produce fish #’s like that.
  12. Took the fire boat for a ride from the marina to the lake today. Bay was 2-3’ deep and channel was as low as 1.7’ in certain spots. Just a FYI.
  13. Capt. Rick, Do you get your McCoy line from McCoy directly or buy from a certain retailer? Thanks!
  14. I will be driving the FD rescue boat out of Braddocks so I am hoping to have some interesting stories after Monday
  15. Look at videos from Fish Hawk, Torpdeo Divers, and Russell’s fishing tech on Facebook and You Tube. Many great guys on those podcasts and videos sharing wealth of knowledge.
  16. We had a meeting at the fire department last Wednesday and they said the water level was super low in the bay and lake. Rick
  17. I put Scotty’s on my new boat in 2020 so not a lot of years on them but so far I love them. No issues so far. I am sure you will find guys that love their cannons. Good luck! Rick
  18. I run my Scotty’s off tracks that came on the boat from the factory (fishmaster 196). I through bolted with stainless bolts/locking nuts and put 4” x 4” plates underneath every spot where there was screw holes in the tracks. Even did it for the tracks near the helm that I run my trees off of. Maybe overkill but wasn’t hard to do.
  19. Good luck. I am sure you will continue to succeed!
  20. Bill left out the best part. He got to reel in a 300 copper with a laker. I couldn’t get a pic fast enough.
  21. I have to agree 100%. I was fishing I Bay for browns yesterday and the temp was 71 at 48 feet and 60 at 51 feet. That’s a huge break in just 3 feet. I had to adjust my speed in each direction to keep the lures in the temp and down speed I wanted. I didn’t mark and lot of fish so I couldn’t fish just the marks. I feel my probe gave me the info I needed to land 13 browns and 1 skippy king yesterday.
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