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  1. Remington Rifled Slugs for my 870 pump.
  2. When I shot mine on Sunday I thought I missed it when I 1st checked. Shot with 12 gauge at 70 yards with open sights since I was hunting a thicket. Buck jumped after I shot it and ran into thicket where I couldn’t see it anymore. I figured there would be blood all over the snow. Nope, didn’t see blood when I 1st checked and was heart broken thinking I blew my shot at a big one. Upon a closer look I found hair and blood splatter on the trees behind where the deer was standing. So I knew it hit it and there was an exit but there was very little blood in the snow. Waited an hour for buddy to come track with me. Followed the tracks in the snow with very little blood. Now I was thinking I wounded it and that was worse than missing. Buck only ran 20-30 yards in thicket. Double lung shot but hardly any blood trail. Good luck and keep us posted if you find it.
  3. Hunted with the same guys I fished the Sandy Creek Shootout with. I saw over 20 deer opening day with at least 8 bucks I passed up for hopes at one of the 3 bigger ones we have on camera. Changed my spot for Sunday and it paid off. He was with 2 does and luckily only ran 20 yards. One thing I love about hunting is the memories busting balls with the guys and friendships. Love hunting and fishing with friends, a deer or a fish is a bonus.
  4. I fished I bay in a 1st responders tournament. We got most of our bass in the back of the docks on drop shot. We did get a few at the channel markers. Guys who won got most on top water. Good luck!
  5. Been busy with regular job, part time painting job, reffing hockey and Fire Dept stuff. Fished 1st responder bass event last Friday on I bay and finished 3rd but honestly my partner caught more fish than me and saved us. Might try and go out Sat morning before hockey and see if Whaler wants to tag along. Will go out of river and troll J plugs or go off shore. I will post if we have any luck.
  6. I run 2 riggers and stack each running 4 rods total. Then I run 2 dipseys. My lower rod on the rigger is always a longer lead then the upper stacked line. My thought process is I don’t want the lower line coming up and getting into stacked line. If lower line hits I also always clear the upper stacked line. Maybe this is not ideal according to some but works for me. I use Scotty releases to stack lines. Rick
  7. In my defense, I have no issues netting the fish. Keeping the fish in the net after taking the hooks out while the fish is still in the water is a different story! 1 time Bill, 1 time! Lol
  8. We had to force Bill to reel in that fish. He is a great host and likes to let his guests catch all the fish but we luckily talked him into reeling in the big boy. He deserves to have some fun after all he does for his guests. He doesn’t like coming on my boat since I make him reel in some fish. Lol
  9. Bill’s fish was around 25 and mine was around 20
  10. Went out of Sandy this afternoon. Fished 350-470. Blank screen. Picked up and headed into 150. Fished 150-90. Marked some bait and fish in 120-90. Only 1 skippy king. Had high hopes going offshore but maybe I didn’t go far enough. Rick
  11. Before I had a fish hawk I went off my dipsey rod bend and drag setting. I had a good bend and clicker on drag would click every so often. If I was going to fast the bend would be severe and drag would start clicking more . Too slow and there was not much bend in the rod. I sent my dipsey drags so it was easy to pull like by hand with a little effort.
  12. Nice job boats were scattered all over out of Braddocks
  13. Nothing but good things to say about RT 18 tackle in Hamlin. Just stopped by to pick up a reel they spooled with weighted steel for me. They were super friendly and even sat down and gave me some pointers. Shop was loaded with great stuff and as much as I wanted to buy so much more I had to stick to my budget. Give them a shot if your out in the area. I know where I will be going in the future. Rick
  14. Manny if you want to replace your sunglasses with Oakley’s send me a PM. I get a discount being a 1st responder. At least I can help with something. Rick
  15. Thanks to the organizers for running a fun organized event. It was my 1st time and I plan on doing it again next year! Rick
  16. I decided to try and fish the SCS for the 1st time ever. We launched from the Genny since 2 guys were from Webster. Team was made up of buddies I hunt with. One guy fishes once a year. I wanted to go out to 400+ but the lake was rough so we started at 150. We ran 2 riggers stacked. 2 dipseys and a 300 copper. I have never ran copper on my boat or meat. That will change for sure after yesterday. Within 15 minutes we had a fish on the copper that had meat on it. Landed that fish that was around 17lbs. We thought this is going to be a good day. Things were slow after that but we would have a few every so often with 2 doubles. We kept a bow since it was bigger than the skippy kings we were catching. We got out to 410 and dipsey pulling meat goes for a ride. Landed that fish that was around 19. We just needed another decent fish for our 4 fish box. Well that never happened. Maybe we should have kept a smaller king for the 4th fish but I figured we would get something bigger. We went 7-7 and we also didn't loose a single fish. 5 fish were on meat, 1 on spoon and 1 flasher fly. Guess I will start fishing meat. We decided to make the drive to weigh station to see how we did against the “Big Boys” and since it was our 1st time just to see what it was about. Was nice to pull in the parking lot and see a nice crowd. Got to see some familiar faces that I see on social media. No idea where we placed with 3 fish and where the 4th smaller fish would have put us but I know not in the money. In the top 20 out of 43 team would be cool for us rookies. Congratulations to all the teams who placed and thanks to the organizers for running what I thought was an very organized fun event. My one buddy who fishes once a year said he wants to do it again! Great time with good friends and fish is a bonus. 1 team member couldn’t make the weigh in and no one wants to see me in any more pics.
  17. Found a hat floating out in 450 off Ibay / Genny. Would love to get it back to owner. My dad is Vietnam Vet also. Rick
  18. Nice job Bill. I will be out tomorrow on a buddies boat
  19. Took a buddy looking for a derby fish. Launched at 1 and dropped him back off at the dock by 5:30. Picked up my wife, cousin and his daughter to try and get her 1st king. 1pm-5pm we fished 150-315. Went 6-9. Had 1st fish before all rods were set. All rainbows and 1 king. Best water was around 220. Only 1 dipsey hit and that was a small king when we were pulling lines to head in. Spoons and flasher fly on riggers took all the rainbows. Best lures were same as Tuesday. Mag NK and stinger paddle/attomik fly. Nothing big enough for a picture. Did lose a nice rainbow behind the boat. 6pm-8pm we fished 80-150. Best screens were around 120. At 7:20 told cousin to reel in the dipsey so we could clear the fleas. Few seconds later the rigger with stinger/fly fires and I hand cousins daughter the rod. Few seconds later the other rigger with mag NK fires. Wife has to come from the bow to hold the dipsey rod while cousin takes the rigger rod. Father and daughter are doubled up. He got his small king in pretty quick. She did good but we had to stop every so often to clean fleas off. Fish stayed buttoned up and we landed it. She got a quick pic and it swam away. Pulled lines at 8 and headed in. She told us before we started that if she caught a king she would get a fish tattoo and my name. We will have to see! Good luck out there! Rick
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