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20-21 waterfowl season


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Hunted the evening of the openner got there late but managed to kill 12 between 4 of us. 


Last night my buddy called me on my way home from a miserable windy fishing tournament and said he scored some permission for one night on a spot and we had to go then. 2 of us in an aframe with 8 dozen divebombs. Shot our limit in an hour once they started flying. Absolute barrel burner


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Had a pond hunt with some buddies last week and we killed 10. 



Went and hunted tonight with a couple buddies after running the last charter of year. Knew there were only a couple flocks coming in but needed at least a send off to September volley. We killed 6 out of one flock then had another short stop us. Good enough for a last little day quick hunt. 4 hunts so far and have watched 58 birds fall.


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