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Install 2 Additional Downriggers Starcraft Fishmaster 196


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I currently have a 2019 Starcraft Fishmaster 196, with 150 HP Yamaha Main Motor and 9.9 Yamaha Kicker Motor mounted on the port side of the main motor.  I have Bert's tracks on the boat, currently have 2 Cannon Mag 10s with extendable booms that I use on swivel bases mounted in the tracks.  My question is, I would like to add 2 more riggers, however, not sure if there would be any clearance issues adding the extra riggers or would they create space issues? Also, looking for thoughts on what type of additional riggers I should get and installation configuration for all 4 riggers?  Any recommendations/thoughts would be very much appreciated.  



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To run four riggers, you would likely have to run two down the chute, and two out to the sides with wingers or extra long booms.  Wingers would be better.  Being that you have/run a kicker, your port chute rigger could be problematic, but doable.  Just need to be careful and watch it like a hawk.  One of the main reasons charter fisherman like inboards.  The prop is hidden.  Although kickers are more common on inboards nowadays. I am assuming your 196 is an 8'ish beam.  Pretty narrow for four riggers.  Doable, but the chute riggers need to be watched.  You also need to make sure your cables and counters are exactly the same.  If the chute riggers are not set properly on a narrow beam they will tangle underwater on a turn.  Never a good thing, then you're trying to untangle them reaching over the stern and around the big outboard. Not fun.  My Shamrock is 8' beam, inboard, and I chose to run just 3 riggers.  1. More space at the transom to avoid tangles and net the fish. 2. I find once I put out 3 riggers and a couple dipsys, I have enough to keep me busy.  More isn't always better.   Better targeting is always better.  Maybe just try the third rigger(starboard side) and see if you like what your spread is doing.  I know it looks a little wonky, but actually fishes really well, and makes a perfect place to run your fishhawk, if you want to.   If you think you need to, you can always add the fourth rigger later. 

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