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4/4: Fished both sides of creek in 10 - 16 FOW between 8:45 - 10:30 with no luck.  Certainly no mudline to be found.  Water to east was very clear and only slight color to the west.  I was the only boat fishing shallow for almost the entire time.  The few other boats out were much deeper.  I ran out to those depths (75 - 90 FOW) and still caught nothing, although found an area slightly West of the mouth where the bottom was covered with fish.  No takers as I said.  Understand that with the gear I have I could only run baits 60' down max. at even minimum trout/salmon speeds.

Talked to a couple of guys at the launch who went 14 for 20 something on lakers.  They said they ran baits 40' down over 50 FOW.  Finding clear water was mentioned as key.  The one gentleman even gave me one of the spoons they used (mostly green with some black dots), and wow was it big.  If you are that person, thanks so much, and as I said I will pay it forward.  Very classy and above the call.


4/5: Thanks to the info. from the guys the day before I headed east from the creek mouth in 50 - 60 FOW.  Now I can't say I ever encountered clear water but eventually did hit a double on lakers.  For the day (9:15 - 1 PM lines in) sent 4/5 on lakers, all of which were solid size.  The one lost fish was probably the biggest and I was barely gaining any ground on him.  Four fish came on spoons, two on wonderbread and two on a mostly green silver streak.  These were caught with baits at 40 - 50' down, mostly the former.  One fish was on a Maglip 35' down ( NFL color).  Speed was 1.9 - 2.1 over ground.  Surface temp was 39.3.  Interestingly I did not get anything on the spoon the guy gave me the day before.


Tight Lines

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