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Left I-Bay at 0630 searched down to ship builders and did not like what I saw.  So headed off Braddock's bay, started in 80 and worked out to 140'.  Ran a mix spread for Salmon from the surface down to 80' and dedicated to 2 rods to lakers right on the bottom.  It started out slow and then I could not keep the laker rods in the water.  Worked 140' East and West it did not seem to matter although they wanted it faster than usually for lakers 2.2-2.4.  Only 2 baits took all the fish, Large Chartreuse hammerhead cowbell with a large 2 spinner gambler rig, and Green ladderback Spin doctor with stud fly (Lengthened the lead to fly from spin doctor to 28"s).   We ended up 15 for 20  all lakers majority over 10Lbs and one around 20lbs. One more thing the lakers were coughing up smelt.  


Pulled the boat and moving it Olcott Thursday for the LOC. 


Good luck out there!



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