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night trolling vs. daytime jigging for walleye


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Hi all,

the only way I am likely to catch walleye is trolling at night in 7-12 fow. When i have fished Conesus in the afternoon, I mark quite a few fish (that look good size) near the bottom in 25-40 fow. Are those likely walleye and if so, do any of you have success jigging for them? I have jigged lots of lake trout and other species and was thinking of trying some soft plastics and jigging for them. Any advice, info, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM me.



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Never fished it myself, but if the water is under 50 degrees I'd try a hair jig, alone or tipped with peice of night crawler ,minnow or a gulp. Blade baits also under 50 degrees.

Plastics work also , under and over 50 degrees, and for walleye I would stick with long slender stuff versus short fat plastic , but not sure what the bait forage is.

Slow troll crank baits like a bandit or bayrat lxd , and could easily be done with a 3 way or snap at those depths .

But hopefully some one chimes in that fishes that body of water . Good luck.

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I haven't fished that body of water, but a technique that works on other bodies of water is vertical jigging. Search youtube and google for Detroit River walleye jigging for some good tips - the technique is the same - the line needs to be as vertical as possible. Heavy jig heads, 1/2 to 1 ounce with a 4"-6" rubber worm and a stinger hook are used. Sometimes tipping the main jig hook with a minnow (use a tiny piece of rubber worm as a keeper) or a piece of worm helps.  Good luck 

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