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3rd Annual Scriba Town Inn Brown Trout Derby.

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The Scriba Town Inn will be hosting its annual Brown Trout Derby on June 5th.
110% payout!!!
 Scriba Town Inn
Annual Brown Trout Derby
1. Captains Meeting will be Friday, June 4th, 2021 @ 6:00 pm at Scriba Town Inn
2. The Tournament will pay out approx. 110% of entries.
3. Entry fee will be $150 per team. (Includes entry for Big Fish Prize)
***Early Bird Special***
Teams that enter prior to May 21nd will only be charged $125
4. All Teams must be signed up by the end of the Captains Meeting.
5. Payout will be for the top 5 places if there are less than 50 teams, and top 10 places for more
than 50 teams.
6. Hours of competition are 5am to 1pm on Saturday June 5th, unless altered by the tournament committee for inclement weather. In the event of inclement weather, same schedule & times will resume on Sunday.
7. Teams may enter and exit from any port but must still be to the weigh-in on time.
8. Team Structure: Teams are not limited to a maximum number of anglers. Allowable max
number of rods will be based on 4 anglers (12 rods). If you fish fewer than four anglers your
may only run the number of rods allowed by law (3 per angler). But 12 rods is max.
9. Radio Use: All participating boats must be equipped with an operational VHF radio.
10. Open communication will be in effect throughout the tournament.
11. Teams will be allowed to leave their docks at any time, but may not start fishing until 5am.
12. End time is 1:00pm all fish entered at weigh-in must be landed before 1:00pm
13. Upon returning to port the cooler containing the day’s catch must be immediately transported to the weigh-in site at Scriba Town Inn.
14. Weigh-in starts at 12:00 noon. A team representative must be in line for weigh-in no later than
3:00pm with catch.
15. At least one team member must remain with the days catch until surrendered to the Weigh-in.
16. Coolers must arrive free of loose ice or water. Ice in cooler has to be bagged. The tournament
committee strongly suggests opening the drain plug on the cooler prior to pre-check.
17. It is up to you to determine which fish you want to enter for the Big Fish prize. Once you weigh
a fish for the Big Fish prize, you may not enter another.
18. Teams may enter up to 5 fish. Brown Trout is the only eligible species.
19. You may only have 5 fish in your cooler when you bring it to the weigh in. If there are more
than 5 fish, or any ineligible species, that teams entire catch will be disqualified.
20. Minimum size will be 18 inches for Brown Trout.
21. One point will be scored per pound of fish and an additional 5 points per each fish weighed.
22. If a fish submitted for weigh-in is found to be smaller than 18 inches, the undersized fish will be disallowed.
23. Team Liability: Every reasonable precaution will be taken by the Tournament Committee to
protect persons and property during the contest. However, the Committee, its judges,
sponsors, officers, directors or employees of the same will not be held responsible for the safety
of persons or property participating in the tournament. All participants further understand and
agree to hold harmless Scriba Town Inn and all aforementioned groups from any liability or
claim of damages.


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