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2021 Monroe County Offshore Classic registration and information

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Special thanks to Lake Ontario United for helping us out!  Dream Factory and all of us anglers appreciate you being a sponsor of this great event!  Here you go folks!  We are a couple weeks away from the MCOC!   The attached word document is editable on a Windows computer!   You can open it, fill it in, save it and then email it to the address on the form.   Some anglers will feel more comfortable printing it, filling it in by hand, and taking a photo of it and emailing it as well.  Either way works.  This document IS NOT EDITABLE ON A PHONE.  Open it with a Windows computer or simply print it out.  


FOLLOW the directions on the form!!!!   The email is on the form and the PayPal is also on the form.   PayPal must be done by 6/20/21 or teams will have to register with cash and make arrangements with the committee to meet up!!!!  PayPal must be submitted "as a friend".  



Monroe County Offshore Classic sign up.docx

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I wanted to include lakeontariounited.com as a sponsor! Thanks!!!
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