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We fished the Niagara pro am, which is as always a fun tourney.


Our pre-fishing day, things were a bit of a mess. First of all it was one of the foggiest, dreariest days I've ever seen. Visibility was about a 10th of a mile most of the day. Secondly I had a sick kid so I was off the water by 930. However, we did find that there was a decent coho bite anywhere from 120 to 200 feet of water. We got that program dialed in, but couldn't find a king to save our lives. We were mostly getting fish on Riggers 30 and up, as well as top lines, and short lead cores


Friday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. We landed right on the fish that we were catching on Thursday, and very quickly had a pile of very nice cohos in the boat. We started in about 170 feet of water, but by the end of the day we were catching fish out in about 320. Fish were stretched from in front of all cut all the way to about a mile west of Wilson. Our bigger fish, including some nice steelhead, were out closer to 300. Not a single king bite again, but our average on the coho was about 8.5 pounds, and that put us in sixth place. We ended up 15 for 20, or somewhere close to that.


By contrast, Saturday was miserable. It wasn't unfishable from a wave standpoint, the 2 to 4 footers weren't exactly exactly comfortable, it was just annoying that the wind made direction and speed a huge hassle. We decided to stay on the shallower side of our marks from Friday, and the Coho were right where we left them. Unfortunately our catch rate was much lower, and I think we started the day like five for 12 or something stupid. The Coho's were of the smaller size class and our average fish was only about 5 to 6 pounds. We did find one little spot in 220 and had three quick bites on kings down 80, but we didn't convert any of them. One of them was quite a big fish. I left stuff down in deep water literally all three days, and Saturday was the only time I had any action down there. It was very frustrating. Short cores of various lengths were good, but by far our best rig was a 55 and 70 Dipsy with a Coho rig. We didn't really have the weight to compete, but we ended up with another good catch, 10 for 22 (or something like that... it was windy and I was getting too annoyed to log them all). IMG_0729.thumb.JPG.9c3bb253f746fcb837be7de3fa44476c.JPGIMG_0742.thumb.JPG.274b2c3998df4a73cd537924454d913c.JPG64459578576__00B7F606-C73E-4F0B-BCE2-62FFA9531E05.thumb.JPG.7b86c90253be74ce999d7110b920fa92.JPGIMG_0729.thumb.JPG.0e7da62e14de009395123919b34a391f.JPGIMG_0744.thumb.JPG.438fe7fedbfb719c044e36db8a07aa7f.JPG


As usual, a great place to fish and a fun tournament. We will be back again next year.



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