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Ran out at 7AM and worked 75-125 FOW - 2 small kings and lost 3. No majors. Lots of marks and bait. Only had until 11AM so didn't want to push out too far as my buddy had to be back for a meeting. Tried mostly a spoon program, green glow frogs, mongoose, and chicken wings - put WD-40 on 100 foot of the main line (30lb Ande) and the fleas come right off. I run 15 foot of 12 lb fluorocarbon leaders in front of the Ande but no WD-40 on that as it's running horizontal in the water. 


Will try again tomorrow as I will have more time. I think we are fighting that full moon a bit. It was very bright last night with the clear sky. 


Thanks and good luck to all, 


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