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Yankee @ the Oak Sept 11/12

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September 11th - We had a quick morning charter with some locals that found us via our social media outlets. With the wind forecast and short trip we didn’t want to go fish offshore, so we targeted stagers. First thing this morning 100-120’ held the fish. As the morning went on cold water started rolling in and those fish slid into 80-90’.


Our count for the morning was 3/5 on Salmon, 2 Lake Trout, and a Brown Trout. One fish ate a Carbon 14 on a 500’ A-TOM-MIK copper, one fish ate a two face flasher/A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist, and the rest all ate meat rigs loaded with Deep Rig Tackle strips.


September 11th (afternoon)/12th (morning) - Our guests yesterday evening and this morning were from Williamsport, PA. They were troopers last night in 3-5’ waves and that’s how this morning started off as well. The West winds drove the temps deep. 120-140’ was a common depth on our Cannon Optimum downriggers to get our baits in the cooler temps where our Humminbird SOLIX’s were showing fish. 500’ A-TOM-MIK coppers took a few fish pulling mag spoons, but meat rigs were our best presentations. All of them loaded with Deep Rig Tackle and Soco Prime Cuts.



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