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Got 1 jack king in 40 FOW about 6:15 PM and had a swing and miss while releasing 1st one.  Just east of Olcott.  Green Dreamweaver with black spots and emerald shiner Procure on it.  Swing and miss was Carbon 14 spoon.  Lots of bait west of Olcott in 50 - 70 FOW centered about 30' down. Speed was 2.5 GPS running baits 25 - 35' down.  I'll be back at it Sunday morning.  Was my first time trolling in the Fall there after being a pier guy for nearly 40 years in Olcott.  Not happy with the rocks along the piers and don't t see them as needed.


P.S.  Plan on weed covered trailer and boat after launch and retrieve.


Tight Lines 

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