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Ice Fishing in East End Harbors??


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Hey guys, I've seen so many videos lately of guys targeting browns and steel through the ice in a number of Lake Michigan harbors with good success.


Are there any east end harbors that make good ice to give it a try? And obviously where it can be done legally? The tactics I've seen are guys setting up near shore, in and around docks, etc.


A couple potential spots that come to mind as potential sites...Oswego Harbor, The SR Estuary via Pine Grove?


Thanks for any help.




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Stony creek launch might be possible in the dead of winter after some serious cold temps. I’ve seen those videos, looks very fun and have brainstormed this exact scenario. I’ve caught a few steelhead in black river bay by accident. I’ve caught a brown with a super shallow shoreline tipup in Chaumont by accident. The inlets of the sandy ponds could be the ticket. The two spots you mention, especially the estuary would probably be best  bet. Not the east end, but I’ve always wanted to fish the moth of the yacht club in Hamlin ny on sandy creek for whatever surprise comes through those holes. I’d say any scenario like that one would be worth a try just for the adventure of it. 

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