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Wind direction on the Bar

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I was wondering how important wind direction is right now on the niagara bar this time of year.

Later on in the season, if the wind is coming from any Easterly direction there was almost no point of heading out, but perhaps 
before the thermocline gets all set up and the lake flips this is not the case?  Maybe in the Spring, blowing cooler water towards our Southern shore pulls the fish in closer?

Going out Tuesday, so I guess I'll find out, but any tutelage would be greatly appreciated.

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Take a look at the MODIS imagery from late April and compare it to the images from today.  You will see a Niagara plume that has transformed from an Easterly ribbon along the Niagara County shoreline to a blob of green water extending further out into the lake and projecting Westward towards the Canadian Western Basin of the lake. The East wind of the past several days is responsible. 


I don't fish that water enough to say definitively how the fish respond to long periods of Easterly wind, but my opinion is that in general the East wind holds the fish to the west and closer to the bar. 


Last Tuesday, we had a great morning out of Wilson, boating 11 Kings on 20 some hits (ya, we suck), and we never got further west than 3 miles from port. This week, I would expect the fish to be holding closer to the Bar..... There are many members who have lots more experience than me over there, but that's my view of it. 

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Most of the county was iced out after 1.5 days of 30 mph NE winds. The fish ended up at the bar. How quickly it will reset is up to the winds. Based on warming trend, it will be changing daily. By Tuesday I would think Wilson would be coming back on line. The fish are coming out of winter pattern and mostly have empty stomachs. They are hungry and moving to find any alewives that move in. There are some smelt and emeralds around but the bait migration inshore has been delayed due to crap weather and consistent Easterly winds which have a cooling affect. If I was fishing Tuesday, I would be trailering to the bar. 

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