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Lakers out of Lakeview/Southwick area?

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Not a big Lake Trout guy but we want to find Lakers off this area I call 'the bowl".   We tried out to 80 FOW yesterday did  not even mark a fish.  Temps were 50F on bottom in 10 FOW.   IDK if that is carrying out to 100?  We do not have a probe, just 'poor mans pool therm on end of a rod ".  LOL  Don't laugh it works just to get you in the ballpark.  

We just decided to put the riggers on bottom with cowbells and two divers mid way up the column.   We marked ZERO fish.  

In this area do we need to get out further and mark fish first?  WIth no real way to know the temps down there other than sending the pool therm. down.  Is the thermocline right now possibly non existent til we get out to over 100 fow?   

I thought for sure we'd see fish in 80.    But that particular area of the lake?  I am wondering where would you go from there?  Twards the trench?  OR towards the stack? That is a LONG way for us in a small 19' aluminum.  



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Try 120’ and deeper.  I find them as deep as 220’ on the bottom at this time of year.  Make sure your fish finder is zoomed on the bottom too. There are days they are tight to the bottom and will not show up good.

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