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Fair Haven


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After the microburst that came thru Thursday night and getting bumped to a different campsite because of all the monster trees that came down in the tent section ,  we had a good weekend . It's very luck that someone was not killed . If it was a day later and we were on that site , it could have been tragic . A huge tree fell right where our tents would have been set up . Thank God . 


We went out for a few hrs Fri afternoon and fished the inside outlet and did well on bass . 


Next morning it an angry lake was howling and the bay was capping so plan B was fish the creek where the diving boards were . We did well and got our shore lunch we always get  without fail , that looked like was in jeopardy . 


Small Senko style and Swimbaits did the trick . 

An old freind who knows 0 about fish caught this nice bass  on the third cast after I set him up and showed him how . I can make a fisherman out of anyone 


I figured it would blow itself out overnight but Sun morning was as bad as Sat . There was drifting sand at the swimming area parking lots . 


Great party with good friends which the older I get , is more of what it's about 



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