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Keith and I decided to fish the Bald Eagle Tournament with our sons on Saturday for the first time.  We left the dock around 5:45 and headed East and set up in 90'.  Not long after setting up, the bite started and was fast and furious until 9:30am.  We started out with three skips and dumped our first two mature kings.  The last one we dropped, ran 540 on the first run and came unbuttoned with 25' left on the counter.  When Brayden got the spoon in the boat, the split ring and hook were gone!  I haven't had that happen in years/  After losing them first two matures, we put three matures in a row.  When the bite totally died around 10:00, we put some cowbells down and tried to upgrade a mid teens king in the box.  We put a ton of lakers on the floor with nothing bigger than 15 and change.  We went to weigh in hoping for a placing box and we did it.  We ended up taking 3rd overall.  All in all, it was a great first tournament with for boys and hopefully we can do it again this Saturday.  55',70' and 80' riggers, divers at 210 and 225, 300', 350' and 400' coppers wit mostly spoons took our fish.  Green Jeans mag moonshine was the star of the day.  





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1 hour ago, HB2 said:

That spoon has been one of my best this year 


Got two browns on it yesterday midday . 

It’s been a staple for years for us!  It catches everything.

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