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Lake Chautauqua - opening weekend


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Started around 6:00am Saturday. Fishing was real slow. Good news/Bad news...wife caught her 1st fish (ever) 18" smallie whle drifting the outside edge of a sunken island on the far south basin, goodnews is she had fun, badnews is fishing is...er was an escape (joke). We boated a few bass (large and smallies), bunch of perch and 0 walleyes. Later in the evening after a good nap we went out about 8:00pm and drifted/trolled 13-20' between the big yellow marina and Irwins Bay (north basin). Had a large musky strike but the friend who was trying to bring him in has no idea how to set drag, line slacked and it spit the hook.

Sunday: Started at Prendergast 7:am caught a 16" Walleye, so now my brother beleives they do exits, we were 12 fow, drifted into 3fow and landed a few largemouth bass just cause we could. Wasn't a spectacular weekend but we fished alot and had a good time.

So fishing is a competition on my boat, it adds another level of fun for us. Rules are simple: 1pt per fish, any fish 15" = 1pt + 1 bonus pt, any fish larger than 15" = 1pt +1 bonus + 1pt per additional inch.

Saturday Scores:

Wife = 25 (we gave her a 5to1 handicapp)

Brother = 4

Friend = 3

Me = 2

Sunday Scores:

Brother = 4

Me = 3

Friend = 0

Going to hit lake erie/upper niagara this weekend.

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