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Quality over Quantity

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Got out for a few days this holiday weekend. All I can say....for me it was tough. Temps down, debris heavy and a type of flea I haven't encountered before. Couldn't even get them to slide down my line to peal them off, strange. Anyway worked the upper column looking for silver and went hours in between bites. Chased what bait I could find with hooks and circled. Cores never fired both days, rigger and coppers did what few quality fish we could get. Speed at 2.6 did it for me. Whites and blues did well for colors. Still many small stocked bows hitting and being dragged. Had one good rip and my friends fought the fish for a bit then gone.......thought it might be a slack line issue with the copper......brought the line in and had a stocked rainbow shredded but still alive.....assuming a good laker took a bite and we played tug of war for a while.....crazy... For as slow as it was we still got some quality bows for our efforts....not fast but focused, and rewarded for time put in. Tight lines.






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