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We gave it our best! We thought that Canada was the place to be so that's where we headed on Saturday morning fishing from 7am-3pm. We crossed the Niagara River to find clear water, which means cold water, and not a very good picture. We tried it and had about an hour of action in which we took 5 solid hits off the Welland. All 5 hits ended with NO FISH in the boat. Yeah, we lost them all! Oh well, it wasn't tourney time. We finished the day 2 for 9 with a Coho and a Laker to hit the deck. The Coho took a Dreamweaver SS Orange Slurpee (a no brainer for coho) off our 5 color, and the Laker took a White SmartFish with chrome colored prism tape pulling an A-TOM-MIK White Hammer fly. The fish that came un-buttoned fell victim to our NK Sea Sick Waddler, Dreamweaver SS Glow Froggy,a NK Mullato, and a Dreamweaver SS Salmon Slapper. All of which were fished off our downriggers.

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