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  1. I love the stuff alot more user freindly than any other wire. Del
  2. I'm so mad about this B.S. how can they do this to person who has done so much. Tom puts his heart and soul in to our sport and didn't deserve this sucker punch! I say that we give Tom a hand up and show our support for him by wearing A-TOM-MIK shirts to the Capt. meeting and the weigh in's. If you don't have a shirt make one with a marker and if you only have one don't worry a stink should be made about this! Del
  3. Thank's for everyones help. I found a pup and will be bringing him home on March 1st. Del
  4. Looking for a male chocolate labrador with good hunting background. I have to retire Chip He just had surgery to remove a growth from his front leg. If you know of a good litter leave me know. Thanks Del
  5. Cabelas capt. weekend is the first weekend in march. Del
  6. First I would like to thank everyone that work's hard to pull off these events! I wish we could resolve this matter with a simple vote of the pepole who fish the PRO/AM'S. Let's not keep fighting and losing fishermen and sponcers. When we need more of both! So lets hear the pro's and con's have a vote and move on. We need to make these events better and put our energy into finding more sponcers and promoting the events to atract more anglers so these events can get bigger and better. I am for no communication but I will go buy what ever rules are in place at the time of the event. I invite the committee to respond so we can hear the other side of the story also anyone else who was behind the open communicatio rule then we can have a vote and put this mess to bed. Thank you Del Casterline
  7. Tom do you have any shirts with logo on outside and inside so I can wear for two days? Del PS Have a great Christmas!!!
  8. Rick Hope your dad has a speedy recovery. I will keep him in my thoughts abd prayers. Del
  9. Tom as you know our team has fished with both open and closed communication and would like it to go back to closed. It was good to hear at the Oswego King of the lake event the idea of going back to closed was still on the table. I think this rule was one that made the ProAm's a step above other events. It is no fun giving your gps numbers to the observer and haveing them give them to a team your fishjng against or seeing freinds getting mad begause they did not get some info. So to those who are on the fence about this lets admit open communication was a bad idea that has hurt the Pro-Am's and not helped bring in new teams. Del
  10. I just got off the phone with them and they told me the rods were on a boat coming in. The rods will not be in till the end of the Aug. and will be 9ft. with action's from heavy too light. They were sorry for the delay. Del
  11. I have mine done at St.Peter's outfitters in Oswego. Del
  12. THANK YOU TOM all our fish this weekend came on your fly"s. Team Liquid Plumber
  13. MUSKY BOB now that Igot your atation you nbetter have my pla id pants for this weekend. Del
  14. We ran the same spoon rods and lead core rods in both Pro-Am's that we did in the little salmon river brown event. The number one thing to do in a Pro-Am is know when to change what you are targeting. I would like to thank everyone who worked hard and long to make this a great event. Del
  15. Good deal you did a great job. Del
  16. Good luck to everyone.We will be there thur AM. Del
  17. The only thing on my boat older than my fish hawk is ME. I have had it on my last 3 boats and only had a problem once when I upgraded fishfinder and they made a filter at fish hawk and it took care of it. The only trouble I had with the probe was a broken wire that I broke. I losen the cap when I store the probe between trips. Del
  18. I would like to thank everyone who worked hard to make this event happen. It was a fun event and I hope it becomes a anual event. I also would like to thank my crew for finding fish in prefishing GREAT JOB GUY"S. Del Ps. You could not keep the Dreamweaver green eye glow ghost in the water for the first two hr's
  19. I just got my 1099 today from the Oak for the PRO_AM ! DEL
  20. The first day we were in 10th place. On the second day was over in less than a half hour. Boxed both days and finshed 16th. Ran spread of A-TOM-MIK flies Both Days. In the prefishing all the fish we released lived no floators. These Rules SUCK! DEL
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