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  1. Hey congrats Mongo!!!, you're best fishin days are ahead, my 7 year old girl is a trooper with a fishin pole..sunny wacker!!
  2. Mike thanks, readin this now.Also out bow scouting,tree stand checkin..Haven't fished much or watched the boards. Hope you got out, it looked very dreary here in Avon when I rolled out at 1030 this am. :roll:
  3. Been shooting carbons since 1993, crazy glue or any of the quick set glues, even lock tite have performed just fine. 100gr. muzzys outta your set up sounds just devastating..good luck
  4. doublehaul,whoa, whoa hold on now, I am also a distinguished skunk ape expert.... In my estimation the bigfoot in these photos may be one of a migrating family from the pacific northwest. If this is indeed the case it will be absolutely crucial to use the extra crunchy peanut butter to better enhance the eating habits they encounter there.
  5. The little blue toaster in my drive way gets 40 miles per gallon. Love the Hondas...
  6. Hey Tom , any walleyes or eagles around nice fish, that mud on the Element didn't come from Woodville...That south end in there is a gem... TroutHunter
  7. :shock: :shock: :shock: Big huge deer pics last fall...now big huge trout pics ... Nice job in there Chuck!! Hemmy can be draggy during summer.. TroutHunter
  8. ED, that spot looks familiar...The rainbows in there seem to be cooperating more than I remember from past reports I've seen for Seneca. Nice fish!! TroutHunter
  9. That's summer Hemmy for ya..nuttin honey.slow goin...maybe all the carp in there are slowin things down alot.
  10. Great to see a post from you FLX. That spot off white rock still holds a few lakers. That was about the only clean run I can find in there this time of year. Good luck with the new rig, it won't be long before it sees some big lakers.. I gotta rot one more summer with the little trouthunter then a bigger ride myself... see ya chris
  11. Is there a launch opposite Dean's on the east side??
  12. Nice job in there fireplug. That smallmouth is a toad!! Love that west side..
  13. Hey guys I almost did Woodville this am but I new the winds were coming up and opted for Canadice. Sounds like the bite was slow this am there too. You guys see any other boats around? It seems to be a very quiet spring on the water so far. I hope the fuel cost isn't taking a toll on the fisherman already.
  14. Did the morning on Canadice from 5-11. Very gusty winds made the fishing tough but found active fish at the south end from 9-11. tried a couple lew's speed lures at half way down over the 50 to 40 fow flat at the south end. 3 small lakers dink to 18 inches went back in to grow up, dropped a brown or rainbow on a surface laker taker spoon. The fish weren't very agressive today , I towed around a laker for a while before noticing a bob in the rod tip. Did some casting in a few bays when the winds blew me off open water at 10. The usual small pickerel around and a fat rock bass. Couldn't find the smallies anywhere or any largemouth. H20 at 55 most everywhere. Trolled back to the launch with an orange rooster tail/spinner combo and did 2 jack perch over 10fow. Well.. I caught something to bring home. One other boat there very early trolling and a couple guys parked along the east side casting. Very windy morning on Canadice.
  15. Mike that brown is a horse, love those Canandaigua browns, big strong trout and good color. Hey yer pullin flouro too How is the water level around the lake? Wonder how the launch around Woodville is holdin up? Nice job!! see you out there after I get a hitch mounted on the Civic :roll: Chris in Avon
  16. Mike, just make sure you take a nice pic of that 12 lbs rainbow , I picked up a trailer for the 12er so I'll be doing Woodville soon..I miss those bows man!!..goodluck in there...chris
  17. Hey guys,decided on my first troll of 07 to be at Canadice lake today. Just perfect fishing conditions with bright sunshine and a light SW. Started trolling the west side at 5pm 15 over 40 with nothing until I trolled across the south end to land my first bow of the season flatlining a white husky jerk. Managed to lose a small brown also. The pickeral were taking anything trolled through 15fow. I landed 5 from 14 to 18 inches...glad I remembered the needle nose this time. Dropped another trout in front of the launch at last light trolling a needlefish 30down over 65...too bad it made a short powerful run but man I'll tell you ..this lake was just a postcard today..wish this luck would last!! Surface temps ranged from 55-59 all over.not much debris and an awesome green stain everywhere...chris (here's a very quick.. so I could get mr.bow back home ..camara pick..he taped right at 16.5 but a chunk)[/img]
  18. Shake it up Tim!! nice job.. good report and a steelie in the mix!! ..Ya know what they're hittin on now :lol:see ya ..Chris
  19. That southend honey hole Mike!! Hey ya got out ..those pickerel are fiesty in that cold water!! I think 1st Saturday in May=pike,pickerel,walleye opener..thanks for the report.. see ya round Woodville soon!! Chris
  20. Yankee gear=nice steelies u guys are tough!!man it's so freakin cold :x ..so whats all this global warming crap about
  21. Amen to that Legacy, I was a 2wd guy for 20 years thinkin I didn't need 4wd till I started trout fishing the fingers 3 years ago...now I watch the 2wd guys spin tires and hang up all the time....it's all about traction at a boat launch...for a few extra dollars in payments it's worth the piece of mind and if you fish with your kids along you don't want to worry about hangin up somewhere when there may not be help around..4WD dude!
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