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  1. If you'd stop tooting your own horn so much, perhaps they would last longer!!!!
  2. Chris, Could this be done in a dehydrator rather than a smoker?? Clarke
  3. Thanks for the well wishes guys. Yep another year in the book. Well to those who asked - three score and 1 year ago at 8:36 p.m. I popped into this world.
  4. Well Guys and Gals, The time is drawing down to one of the most beneficial fund raisers yet. One week from tomorrow October 9, 2010 starting at 4 p.m. you will have a chance to win trips of a lifetime to some exceptional trips and concerts. If you don't have your tickets now it's still not to late to purchase them. A new location for ticket purchase has been added in addition to the on line application. Royal Motors in Cortland, NY has tickets for sale for those of you in the immediate central New York area. Again this is an event like none other that you want to be a part of. Please review the attachments (clicking on them will enlarge them for ease of reading) for the incredible specifics. I hope to see you there and share the camaraderie of the evening. Thanks in advance for your support. Clarke
  5. Just like the Post Office - neither wind, nor rain nor small craft advisory - the LOC goes on. In my opinion those with grand prize and division leading fish hope for days like those at the end so they don't get knocked out of the top prizes!!
  6. My brother who lives in Beaver Falls sent this to me. I forgive him for living there though!!!!
  7. Sorry, couldn't resist I get bad gas if I eat to many Fiber One bars.
  8. Thought you PA LOUser's would get a kick out of this. Hope everyone enjoys...I know I did!!!! Clarke http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhFHqNKnfes
  9. Patriot, Better up that weight. I think your gonna get beat by a couple ounces!!!! Clarke
  10. I agree with KLIPH!! He probably is a shore bird and not even on the water, just getting his jollies by seeing how much he can irritate everyone. I too change channels and aviod scan mode when this happens. For me that is the best solution.
  11. Installing a new AM/FM/Radio in the boat. Looking at a di-pole antenna. Any recommendations on whether to use this type or not? How About placement?? Thanks in Advance. Clarke
  12. Are the rigger bases staying on the boat or are you taking them too as I have cannon riggers to go on this boat.
  13. More than once we have set up in "barren" waters with the intent of trolling to the "promised good picture" waters and taken fish. Sometimes majors (more time than not) and no bait or hooks on the screen. The thinking is the really big fish are "loners" and sometimes you have the best chance of a really big major fish when you aren't marking anything. Another thing is that a lot of fish slash in from the side to take the bait resulting in not marking anything. What we usually do as I said is set up where the reports say it's supposed to be good and then troll to our nearest way points which usually is productive. We think if you wait to set up when you get to your previous way points and the fish are there....you've been wasting precious time down at the fish with the possibility of hooking up. Just our $.02 Clarke, Steve, Kevin and Doug
  14. Happy Birthday Ray!!! P.S. - Did you find that pink thong??
  15. I think he's out shopping for a new pink thong today!!!!!
  16. Bob, Does this bracket have "lift assist" spings / spring loaded?? Clarke
  17. Ray, He ain't kidding about a guy he knows to fix those knees. Had two done himeself and he motors around better than before!!!
  18. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family in their time of loss.
  19. Shadster, Nice Job on the presentation. Many thanks. Nice to know we have such a great spread of talent on this board and not just excellent competent fishermen and women. Clarke
  20. As far as the 1.5" being strong enough, ny friend just had one custom built from 2" with an 1/8" wall thickness and I thought it was way to much overkill. He had to modify all his mounting breackets for stock Big Jon rod holders to fit on the tubing...
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