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  1. If you are selling LOC derby tickets will that make the Oswego location also a weigh station??
  2. Scott, Awesome fish!!! How many were from the planer boards?? Clarke
  3. Yankee Cranker, Good Advice Looks like you covered all your bases
  4. Radio brand really doesn't matter I am told. Just make sure you spend your $$ on a quality antenna. For my $$ I would buy an ICOM brand radio. Good quality, sound and user friendly.
  5. Ken, Hollywood is calling. Great tip and nice job of presentation. Glad to see that smiling face again. Roby still around? Clarke
  6. You'll wish you had all that when you get a fish that makes several long runs. Believe all these guys, they know!!!! Clarke
  7. Klinchers here. All we have ever used for nearly 15 years - no cable weakening, fraying, etc. Have never lost anything due to Klincher or cable failure that wasn't an operator error. Like taking off full throttle with 13# ball and probe down 80 feet. As Tim said if you are running coated cable (we don't) I have heard you need to modify Klinchers or use something else. CLarke
  8. Will the fishing chip cover Canadian waters at the bar or is it strictly US waters??
  9. How many of you have entered this? Can someone explain how they are going to figure that a 14# Brown will be the "Big Fish" over a 25# Lake Trout? From the rules I understand that brown, steelhead, lake trout and salmon are all enterable fish??
  10. Ed, Glad I could help out. Ya know that's true LOU Customer Service is the best!!
  11. Glen, How were the water temps? The guys look a little chilly in the pics. was it real cool out there? Clarke
  12. Andy, I tied some of these up by using a blood knot. We used to use this knot when fly fishing to taper down to smaller pound tippets for finicky trout. Never had one fail on the smaller stream fish. Pretty easy to tie as you are using the same pound/diameter line. Haven't run any for salmon yet. You know they say the knot is the weakest link in the system. Clarke
  13. We also need above frrezing nights!!!!
  14. From past experience Kevin at the boatyard can be difficult to reach.
  15. Maybe try the manufacturer????
  16. Andy, Did Jimmy D from Cortland ever get a hold of you on the landline???? He's retired and interested in fishing with you on Cayuga and elsewhere. If you remember you met him at the LOTSA show last year and he's related to the Rice boys. Clarke
  17. To all you Western end guys, I heard a rumor that Erie hasn't frozen completely over!! Any truth to the rumor .... maybe early warm water at the bar and not just on the Canadian side?? Clarke
  18. Rodney, If that boat was "buried" you wouldn't even be able to see the radome!!!! Clarke
  19. WOW!!!! A great loss for a fine man with a lot of character. God Speed - Phil!!!
  20. Yankee, Do you mean like going from the "old reliable" 47LC's to the first version of the Accudepth reels!!!
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