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  1. Muskybob, Our prayers and thoughts are with you at this time of illness. As everyone said - Get Well Soon. Clarke
  2. Jason, Where are you located in case someone might want to see the boat in person?
  3. Turn around and go home Wind from the East fish bite the least
  4. Any one have any details about the boat that sunk out of Wright's Landing in Oswego? Just caught a blip of it on the channel 3 news from Syracuse on Sunday. If it was the boat they were showing it was a Penn Yan.
  5. or Can't you vary your trolling speed slightly by adjusting your motor trim?? Or is that not good for the motor/engine/out drive?? Clarke
  6. Hey Greg, Does the "P" competition cup come with the boat??? How are the boys?? Clarke aka Waterlogged
  7. Redbone, Do you think this would work with skinless fillets???
  8. Keukaboy, Is that the Ausable River?? Looks like it but probably not. Fished that many many years ago. Clarke
  9. Tom, As I read this you can enter the "Bracket Tournament" if you are a Pro or an Am entry in the Oswego Pro Am - all you have to pay is the extra $200?? Clarke
  10. BH, Found an extra fishhawk cable in the spare parts bin. where do you want me to send it?? Clarke
  11. BroadHorizons, I may have an extra from fishhawk I can let you have if you want it. Let me know if you want it and I'll get to the boat and see if I have an extra. Let me know how to get it to you too!! Clarke
  12. Pete, Consider the triples sold - sent you a pm - I'll take them!! Clarke
  13. Inn the 3 days we were there many mnay boats were catching exceedingly high numbers of what we might call dinks - 18" - 20" fish. On Saturday we threw a number back and at the launch we talked with a lot of boats that did the same. I think it has a lot to do with where you are fishing. Clarke
  14. Fish fearme - typo on that was 2/3 not 34 corrected post. All fish came from US waters though we did have our Canadian licenses.
  15. Thanks for all the KUDOS guys - it was a hard days work for that one - yeah that was the only one on Friday - 10 hours of trolling. Came on a white spin doc with an A-TOM-IK Hammer fly on the wire out 295' witih the dipsy on a #2 setting. Saturday and the 4 hours we spent Sunday before leaving for home were a lot better. 7/8 on Saturday no big uns and 2/3 on on Sunday with a 18 & 14 pounder. Clarke
  16. If you don't need them right away Cannon/Bottom line will replace them free. I contacted them amd they said if I : 1) Sent the rigger body in they will replace it for free 2) send both halves of the cable back (the one from the battery too) they will send another set back - no charge. This was offered after e-mail correspondence and receiving a phone call from their customer service. You need to get both ends of the cable because according to customer service the new ones aren't interchangeable with the old (rectangular ones). Clarke
  17. Jason, Sorry to hear of the loss of your Mom. Lost mine back in '98 and still think of her daily. Clarke
  18. Fished from 7:45 to noon. Never moved a rod. Met Splitshot at the launch - nice meeting you Scott. Clarke
  19. 40# Ande- have run both pink and clear over the years and it doesn't seem to make a difference. We too leader down with floro. Clarke
  20. My 2 cents here, If we all remeber not to long ago the Spring event was pushed back one week to end on Mother's Day so I don't think another change would not be listened to. Our group for one won't fish the second weekend just for the reasons stated earlier - non-fishing wives and the need to keep peace with being around on Mother's Day weekend. We would agree to move it back 2 weeks minimun as most of us know the fishing "usually" starts toget hot out west right after Mother's Day and many guys start their fishing around that time. Clarke
  21. Took Waterlogged for the season shakedown. As some of you might have folowed the dashboard replacement saga - it came out really good for our first attempt at any minor restoration on our 1986 Bluefin. We actually did an excellent job on uphosltering too!! Kevin and I took his two (My grandkids) out 6 and 3 and fished for 5 hours. Was surprised the younger lasted that long. Was the second trip (one last year) for the older. Started around noon and found surface water temps were upper 30's - to 41 degrees no matter where we trolled. Launched from Myers and went to the west side to see how the boat would run. Eased down the west side toward the south end checking temps. Just short of the wall we set up and started trolling. Ran planers with sticks and spoons on riggers. Managed a 4# laker, a 3# smallie and an 13" LLS. Everything worked well on the boat and we are all set for the trip out to the Bar on Thursday. Met Chowder at the launch when we came in and we talked briefly. See you at the Bar!! Going to Cayuga with Traveling Man tomorrow on his boat so we'll see if we can do better. Come On Warmer Temps!!!! Clarke
  22. fenceman2ac, you and your family are in our thoughts and preayers. God Speed.
  23. A couple years past I asked this similar question of Dave Chilson. He said at the time it doesn't matter who or how many handle the rod this is a "team event" but like Gray Fox said- if GF is holding the rod when fish is netted then she is the person registering the fish and not the witness. This is why everyone must be registered and two per boat. You have a witness and you are a team on the boat. We had a situation when this question was posed t Dave where 3 of us handled the rod at different times because the fish went crazy at the back of the boat and ran under wire and rigger cables and other mono lines. We took turns weaving the rod through the maze and the rod was handed back to the guy onthe rod origionally and he registered the fish in the LOC with no issues. Of course person # 1 grabbed the rod onthe initial strike then handed off to # 2 as it was his turn on the rod. End of story. Clarke
  24. Hey Guys and Gals, Need some help here Come on all you scientists out there!!! Remounting my electronics on the new horizontal dash board section of my aluminum boat. Is it a problem with using two different metals - stainless hardware and aluminum hull - will they react with each other and cause oxidation when we put through holes in the aluminum to mount the bases for the electronics? My son the electrician says we could use de-ox (whatever that is??). Or am I ok with using the stainless to mount them with? Thanks, Clarke
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