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  1. Gray, Nice new ride!!! Gald you finally found a new home for the Seaswirl! Clarke
  2. Gray, Are you up both days?? We may make one more trip this weekend but not sure which day but most likely Saturday. Will give you and Pete a shout if we get up. What channel on the VHF - we usually monitor 72. Clarke
  3. Briefly - to run cut bait you need the cut bait and matching cut bait head OR whole bait and whole bait head. You can buy the bait heads pre-rigged just remember to use a round-square (not flat or just round) toothpick to secure the mono running through the bait head and the cut bait in place. Round-square picks are best but the round will work too.
  4. The year we won the $1000/day derby that we didn't get our money for it was a team effort as the 29# 9 oz. king threw fits in and out of the wire and rigger cables. At one time all 3 of us - Smitty, Kevin and I handled the rod with Smitty doing the bulk of the work adn Kevin netting the fish. We inquired of Dave if this was a fish that would have made top 20 if it was a legal entry and he said yes because all on the boat are/(must be) registered and it is a "team" thingy (as Scott so eloquently put it) not an individual thingy. So unless the tides have turned I guess it's a legal fish to enter. Only faIr that the guy who did the majority of the get the kudos FOR THE ENTRY as was Smitty's case. Kevin and I merely wove the rod around and through and over the wire and downrigger cables.
  5. Boy am I going to get bashed for this one!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: The LOC begins 08/15/08 right? So that means at 12:01 a.m. or 0001 hrs. military time? So if you hook a fish at 11:50 p.m. on 08/14/08 and you net it and it is in the boat at 12:05 a.m. that fish is leagl to be registered for 08/15/08? OR You hook the fish at 12:05 a.m. 08/15/08 and in the net and boat at 12:20a.m. 08/15/08 is a leagal fish to be entered of course at 9:00 a.m. when the weigh stations can legally weigh a derby fish??? Have at it gang!!!
  6. As of 11 a.m. there is a 28.03 grand prize leader with a 26.03 division leader - only 2 salmon registered currently - waiting for the onslaught of entries!!! :shock:
  7. Big Red, Mine says didgi-trol II right on the keypad I believe. Haven't really looked at it in a while. You know it's like trying to give directions by street name?? You know how to get there because you've been there 1,000 times but try to tell someone the street names and it's difficult. Realized the manual is on the boat and I will pick it up tonight. Sounds like your keypad is bad and if it's an older digi-trol that can't be replaced by Cannon - no longer available. Only two other possibilities is that a local repair shop might have one or repair it for you or find one for parts. They can convert it to a Mag 10 I believe for a substantial price. Try calling Cannon customer support in Idaho @ 208-846-9000 Duane has been very helpful to me in the past (if he's still there). Clarke
  8. Totally agree with Traveling Man. But we use a snap swivel not just a snap to prevent line twist. Also if you tie dircctly to the spoon with no split ring you always run the chance of losing the fish because of the sharp edged hole in the spoon in my opinion. Clarke
  9. Fishgill, Opinions will vary all over the board on this one. Some guys change them out others don't. I think it is a personal preference. Billy V has run the factory tips for over a season I believe and changed when they wear out. My personal feeling is if the tip should fail especiall during derby time and it's "THE FISH" I would regret not putting the twili-tip on fromthe get go. I am one that changes to the twili-tip right away. Clarke
  10. We used Blacks with the FF - just remember three to four twists before placing in the release as it is larger diameter (20# 30#).
  11. Bill, Thanks for the update. I think we are all waiting for that one day when they show up and we can tear up to the Big O and start hammering them. Clarke
  12. Here is the basic drop and retrieve of the Digi-trol II that we run. First thing you have to do it bring your rigger ball all the way up to the boom and turn the power off then on. You should see a -02 reading and thins will then place you at the water when you drop the ball to that position. Then to set your depth - press repeatedly or press and hold the units and tens (1 and 10) buttons until you get the depth you want to fish. Then immediately hit the M1 or M2 button. This will store the selected depth at that M1 or M2 location. When you are rigged and ready to fish drop the rigger by simply pressing either M1 or M2 (where you stored the depth)and press the "RUN" button. The rigger will descend to that depth. If any malfunction occurs any button will stop the descent. To retrieve the ball to the top of the water press Auto Up. The oscillation feature is similar for depth and time except that after you set the depth osciaaltion and time between changes the rigger will move up after the selected time automatically - no extra run button to press or anything. I also have a hard copy of the digi-trol II instruction booklet I can send in word format if you like.
  13. First I believe that is a Walker release. Does it look like the photo in this link?? Then it is a Walker. I believe there is another style that look similar but can't remember who the manufacturer is. http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/store ... -829233505 As for the 840 probe/triducer relationship - we ran ours on the opposite side of the boat as that is the way the guy had it set up when we bought the boat and he showed us the set up and how to operate all the gear. My friend runs his off a port side manual rigger - about halfway between the bow and stern with triducer on the port side. He claims he rarely loses his signal. Clarke
  14. Thank God everything turned out ok. That is a scary situation. Clarke
  15. My deepest sympathy ni the loss of your father. I realized that several years ago. Clarke
  16. Rodney, Sorry to hear about the misfortune. As you said "chit happens" and that's why Smitty and I sprung for the original derby ticket for you and Dave last season, because you never know. I know you are an upstanding guy and would never doubt you would do other than the right thing. I learned that much about you through our fishing experiences. Sorry to hear about the engine problems...as yopu said ...you and the Oswego Pro AM... hmmmmm. what's up with that.??? Clarke
  17. Congrats on your salmon division frst place fish. Like Rich said you may have had th egrand prize and $6K more had you weighed earlier. But what the heck $1500 isn't a sharp stick in the eye!! Clarke
  18. I forgot some advice some wise old fisherman gave me once. It doesn't matter which radio you buy - it's all about the antenna!!! Don't skimp on a cheap-o antenna and any model will perform like the top of the line radio.
  19. Check out the ICom brand. I have the IC-M402 and it is a great radio, ICOM M304 Submersible Marine VHF Radio: On Sale until July 31, 2008(Black) SKU: M304 01 ICOM M304 Submersible Marine VHF Radio Icom America announces the new ICOM M304, a compact- sized fixed mount that offers top-end performance, durability, and value in a basic package. The ICOM M304 marine VHF radio is built using a one-piece, die- cast aluminum chassis for ruggedness, signal clarity, and durability. The chassis and its precision-mounted components are well protected by a watertight, tough polycarbonate housing. The ICOM M304 marine VHF radio is rugged enough to pass military specifications. The ICOM M304 also carries many of the features that boaters have come to expect in an Icom: Large LCD with highly readable channel numbers and scrolling channel names; One-touch channel selection; TAG scanning; One-touch channel 16 and easy access to channel 9 selection; Normal/priority scan selections; And dual/tri watch. NMEA input wires on the rear panel allows for simple, third party GPS connections (SC-101 DSC) for position request and position reports. The ICOM M304 offers a front-facing speaker for loud output, and Icom?s Force 5 Audio? for crisp, clear communications. Icom?s unique AquaQuake feature is built-in, using low frequency sound to remove water from the speaker, and allowing better audio. The hand mic comes with channel up/down buttons and a high/low power selection button. And the M304 survives IPX7 submersion tests ? under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes without damage to the radio. Of course, all U.S., Canadian and international channels are built-in, and there?s easy access to weather channels to monitor for impending storms or national crisis reports. $130 on sale at anchor express but if you look you can get an IC-M402 for about the same or less. Clarke
  20. I can't access it either. Get some message about owning the domain.
  21. Iceman, How you doing?? We are heading up to Oneida after work tomorrow and fishing Fri. night and Saturday but on the west end. Can you give me any tips as we haven't ever fished this lake. Pm me if you want !! How's Mr. Lester?? Clarke
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