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  1. big-o, you have a PM, I might take you up on that next year.
  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one who eats fish for breakfast. Used to be a staple during the summer when I was growing up.
  3. Thank you. Please PM me with how much for shipping to zip 13495. Thanks
  4. What's the length of the rods and the action?
  5. Merry Christmas from my house to yours.
  6. Anyone have any dates or locations for sportsman shows in NY or surrounding states that are worthwhile? :?:
  7. Take Ginger Ale and Ginger Snap cookies along when you take her out. They help tremendously, and most times prevent seasickness.
  8. Probably Nature's way of preventing overcrowding.
  9. It's them there cheep fin-held gps's I would thunk.
  10. I use gmail which is free and has an excellent spam filter. If you want the free program, send me a PM with your email addy & I'll send it to you.
  11. I went with 2 6 volt batteries on my RV and am considering changing my 12 volt batteries on the boat. The 2 6's on the RV work out fantastic and seem to last longer than when I had 2 12's on it. http://www.ccis.com/home/mnemeth/12volt/12volt.htm
  12. So what's so bad about them? I always understood they enriched the soil? :?:
  13. Fantastic!!! He's hooked for life himself. Good job!
  14. Nice big perch!!! It's good to see your bass boat out on the water, Spring can't be that far off now. Nice rig.
  15. Congrats to Jeremy for his photo entry on the other site. I thought it should have placed first, but at least 5th was in the $$$. [/img]
  16. I agree; Just an idea Dave, why not have someone solicit the local Resturants, Hotels/Motels, Tackle Shops, and Retail Stores in the area for donations. It seems a small amount to ask for the benefits they enjoy also.
  17. Chaos, the best thing to do is for electric "Supply" charges, is to check your present bill for how much you're getting charged P/KwH, then compare it to how much other companies are charging. Keep in mind, some companies are charging a reduced price as a promotion and the price will go up after the promotion period ends. The other charges you see on your bill will probably remain the same whatever company you choose. So the key words for electric is "Supply Charges" and "P/KwH". For Natural Gas, check how much is the "Delivery Charge P/Therm". Hope this helps.
  18. Does anyone have a pic of the Atommik Hammer Fly? I've been checking his site, but can't seem to find any.
  19. I had this problem before and it turned out to be a small cast iron piece on the moter right at the end of the shift linkage. Your's could be broken or loose if you want to check it. Have someone shift the lever while you watch to see if it slips or is broken.
  20. Did you try that deep hole just around the bend downstream from the bridge?
  21. A real nice site to view pics of Oswego Harbor. To find your favorite marina, go to the top of the page, click on United States, then click on the State you're looking for, then the marina. http://marinas.com/view/overview/421
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