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  1. Definitely. I've had a lot of work done there. When I had my islander he made me a mooring cover so I didn't have to take my top down to put the travel cover on. Superb! that was about 400 bucks. Cliff just re-upholstered my side rails. Beauty and 150 bucks!
  2. C and C Canvas in Lansing but I did a cover for my 19 ft it was about 800 bucks. Worth it though.
  3. Well My secret is out then. I run nothing but Warrior flutter spoons and have so for the last 3 years. Spanked the fish this year on them. Congrats Rollie. I won a lot of money this year too. It was a fun season. See you guys in the spring. RR
  4. 55 degree water was down 40 to 45 feet last night and it was fantastic fishing. I fished the divers and the riggers 40 to 55 down. Had some young fellas with me and their dad. They had a blast! Nice salmon and nice lakers including a 13lber. 90 to 150 fow. RR
  5. Pretty choppy in the mornings. Decent fishing. Skinny water has a lot of small landlocks and I fished that briefly and headed out deeper. Morning bite was slow and that happens every time there is a full moon and clear conditions. The mid morning bite was very good with the riggers parked in the 55 degree water with sliders. Gold or copper cupped spoons in orange, pink and green did some lakers and some salmon with sliders in pink did some really nice bows. Divers out 225 to 250 with green paddles and with white files took some dandy lakers mid morning and never shut off. Last week I had a good laker bite at Deans in 90 to 120 but this week they were completely gone. Most fish were caught in 200 to 250 fow. We had several landlocks 6 to 8 lbs and bows were right around the 5lb mark. Lakers were in the 6 to 10 lb range. Not fast and furious but a good steady pick of quality fish from 9:30 to 2:00. I wont be out next weekend, headed to the Mirimachi river for some Atlantic Salmon fishing. Be back for the 4th of July with a few more charters. Good fishing to all. RR
  6. I have a fish hawk and it can be more important than spoon selection. Speed at the ball is crucial especially on the FL's. I have been running anywhere from 2.4 to 2.9 at the ball. The GPS speed can be from 2.0 to 3.3. Faster has been better lately. I put out 4 to 5 inch spoons on my riggers and cheat with 3 to 4 in spoons. I wont go larger than that. Smaller spoons on the cheaters. RR
  7. I had small amounts of fleas on my divers on sat. Early this year.
  8. Fleas love that braid. Change it out to 30lb mono and then use 8ft floro leaders in your choice of strength. I use 15lb. Use 30lb wire on your divers, but they will cling to the wire as well. Greens, oranges, pinks, black and silver are all good for LL. Spoon size is more important then color sometimes. RR
  9. After the big blow, its a crap shoot. Fish 90 to 120 from Sheldrake up to Deans. FF/Flies on divers and orange spoons with a gold cup fished off riggers down 75 to 85 worked on Sat. Throw out some sliders on the riggers in pink. RR
  10. Har, that's all blown up now. Surface temp was 57 on sat. 55 was down 70ft. It blew for 5 days. RR
  11. I don't recall when Cayuga was slow. But I do recall all the guys headed to Seneca leaving about 3 charter carter captains for Cayuga. Which was good for my business! Seriously guys, the fishing is good on both lakes you have to adapt to the conditions. They change every year. Presentations and colors change daily! A couple of reports for Cayuga makes no difference to me. Just be courteous to all the boaters and know the rules of the road. RR
  12. Thanks Rick. Good to see you too. Good luck the rest of the year. RR
  13. We had a great time. The fishing was tough. Thursday east winds (pretty sloppy) and we zig zagged from Wilson to the fence from 80 to 250 fow. didn't mark much at all and had no bites. Turned around and I went into laker land just to make sure my FF was working. It was and we popped a few nice lakers and called it a day about 2:00. Friday I figured we would do the same. Took a 7lb king right away on a 10 color core with a spook right out front in 120 fow. Checked around the area for about an hour with nothing to show for it so we moved over to the red can and headed to the fence in 230 fow. Marked a few and took an 18lber on Big Weenie 10 inch flasher and cut bait rig fished off a diver out 240. Tooled around towards the fence with nothing to show for it so we headed back to Wilson again working 80 to 250 and adjusting our rigs according to what the FF was telling me. Got about a mile or so from Wilson and I started marking kings in 185 fow deep. They were laying in the mud and every so often one would come up and go back down. So we dropped our gear and took 2 kings about 15 lbs on the same diver set up at 300. I kept marking so we figured we would call it a day at 1:30, gas up and get into our slip and get ready for the Wilson Harbor Invitational. Sat was the WHI and we were hoping that those kings were still just off port. Shotgun start was fun as always and we got to the spot in about 10 min. Set up in 185 and those kings were still there! So we got the rigs out and my team put the dipsys out on the wrong sides of the boat, well that was a mess but we recovered and got re set in 10 min. (the captain was a slight bit perturbed!) Riggers down 155 and 135 with a stingray 42nd spoon on each back 30. A 400 copper off one board and a 500 copper off the other board pulling Big Weenie cut bait rigs and our divers were 240 and 280 also with Big Weenie cut bait rigs. About 5 min after getting reset the 135 rigger fires and its game on. 5 min later the 155 rigger fires and now we are working a double and they are both big fish. First fish hits the deck, about 19 lbs, then 10 min later a slob hits the deck, I figured it was 22-23ish. No time to fuss with weighing it, get it in the box. Got reset and turned around then the 400 copper fires, land that one about 18 lbs. Then had a diver fire but came unbuttoned before the rod was out of the holder. So we turn around again and the 280 diver fires, land that one I figure 21-22 lbs. Worked a way east with nothing so we went back to our hot weigh points and the 400 copper fires again and we land that one about 15 lbs or so. So now its 10:00 and I've got 5 majors in the box. The bite just shut down. The fish were still there but not touching anything. We had 3 more fish on but they were all suspended lakers taking spoons ands cut bait. One laker was about 22 lbs but it was the same guy on the rod as the big king, so we released it. The last 4 hours were torture and I was not going to leave fish to find fish. So we stuck it out until 2:00 and went in to get to the weigh in. We knew we had an LOC fish or 2 and a good box for the WHI. But I didn't realize how good! We ended up second in the WHI and lead the LOC all week with a 25.04 only to get beat for the grand prize basically in the last hours of the derby. I was extremely happy with our showing and my team did a great job. Big thanks to Kevin Jerge and his team and Dave Chilson and his team for putting on one wild week of tournament and derby fishing. One last thing: There are plenty of open spots for the WHI. Get a team together and enter this tournament. Its well run, fun and you can win some big money. Don't think you are at a disadvantage fishing against the best captains up there. I only fish up there once a year. If I can do it so can you! So now its back to Cayuga for the rest of the season as my charters fire up this weekend. Tight lines to all! RR Captain Scott Fletcher
  14. Nice job Rick! I will post up a Blue Moon report after the LOC. I don't want to jinx myself. RR
  15. Yes the power cord is the same but not all the old 840 transducers will work. Mine worked on the surface but not down temp. I got a new transducer and its all good now. According to Fish Hawk there are only a handful of 840 transducers that don't work, so yours might. I got unlucky. LOL RR
  16. I'm in need again. Thought we had it locked up but plans changed. PM me if interested. RR
  17. Shore Products in Auburn. It might take a while as they are really busy this time of year.
  18. 100 bucks and a dinner ticket is the pay. PM me.
  19. Suckers are showing up now. Bows are spawning now. It will be a quick creek season. RR
  20. I was getting them in the middle in July. Seems to me they are starting to head south. But you never know.
  21. Fleas at LP were non existent. There were a few on the west side but nothing terrible. The weeds aren't too bad either. RR
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