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  1. Steve Triple SSSS show? I was pissed I missed that meeting last week. I got our of work early that day too :evil:
  2. Steve I too remember that day. There was some nuts out early!
  3. Forgot gift cards to Dicks , Bass Pro and Gander Mnt
  4. Tom looks good, nice job :!: You should sell them :shock:
  5. Chris it was about $18,000,000.00 just in the cost of the stupid boat. Plus only our former Mayor knows how many millions in other costs :evil: :evil: :evil: :roll: Really wish it would have worked out but there was no way. I hate to say it but I called it from day one! GOOD FREAKIN BYE :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: HAIL TO MAYOR DUFFY!
  6. Got an early present from a friend that now lives in NC but used to fish the big O. 3 Eagle Claw down rigger rods and 2 dipsy rods all used but in very good shape. Dad pitched in with $200 towards my new top and side curtains next March. That was about it for fishing stuff. My 7year old grandaughter made me a bird feeder at Home Depot, she put the nails in through the sides of the wood all by herself And Mark saw that I bought a new rug too for the new house about the same price as the top would have been
  7. Roadrash heres some of what I know about this. There will be a date that the guys get together to put the pens into the water, which is right behind Shumway Marine next to the old railraod tracks and they check them for any holes that need repair. Then they carry them down the walkway to drop them in. The "little fellas" are then delivered and that's when they need the feeding help. It takes about 1/2 an hour at a time to do this. There is a lady that takes care of the scheduling for this (they need it a few times a day from like 7am to 7pm I think) It goes on for like 2 weeks. It's very organized and fun especially if you have kids to bring along :shock: . Steve (King Me) can get you all the info and numbers to call. The help is very appreciated by all involved and a good way to meet some of the guys and put a face with a name!
  8. How's about some sport of an extra .50 or a $1 tacked onto the LOC derby entry fee that goes towards this type of thing that gets split up along the different pen rearing stations along the lake? How's about we you charge $2 to become a member of this board and it all goes towards it? By my account thats already $436 If it comes down to somesort of a fun raiser (BBQ) I'll certainly donate my time to cook (and teach Jax while I'm at it ) and would see what I could do to get some food donated in someway. Mybe Jax/Jeremy could talk to Danny boy from that HUGE supermarket that WE ALL SHOP AT and get a donation of food or money. Anybody know anybody up near the top of the food chain at Home depot or Lowes? Maybe supplies donated! Wait my boss does I'm gonna try to get a number :shock: We will get it done somehow I'm sure.
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