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  1. Couple of bait tanks with a bunch of air pumps. complete set up. Excellent condition. Larger tank is probably 30 gallons. Bumper Boy Remote Bumper Thrower for retriever training. Might need some attention from manufacturer or new rechargeable batteries. Set up is complete.
  2. We've use them on the Fish Doctor boat for a long time. We like them a lot. We have a video with some rigging tips on our website.
  3. Have one of these that I am looking to sell. Includes whisker biscuit, sights, D-loop and 5 arrows. Excellent condition, kids just grew out of it. $200
  4. FWIW, My father had some Canadian Biologists out in the summer of 2014 that were trying to tag Atlantics for a tracking study. They kept catching these tiny king salmon and were interested in the age so they gave my father a permit to keep some and ship them to them for aging. The next week he sent them 18 fish between 10 and 16 inches long. The 10 to 13 inch ones were yearlings, the 13-16 inch fish ended up being two year olds. Those are pitifully small and I would say that there were most likely some small 3 year old matures around this year.
  5. Finally gave up on the 11 87 barrel I have had problems with and picked up the Savage. Shot a few different slugs last weekend and found one that was pretty darn good. Just curious what slugs others have had luck with with this setup.
  6. I live in Tully and Hieburg Forest is worth checking out for bow hunting. North and South side of Tully-Truxton Road. Look up Kettlebail Road just East of there also. Lots of State land right there. Other place to look at is Highland Forest. County owned park that is bow hunting only.
  7. Looks like we may be building your duck hunting potholes for you. We were low bid at least.
  8. Looks to me like the breakwall is just there to protect the wetlands from North winds. Nothing for channel protection. I'll let you guys know on Thursday how many millions of your federal taxpayers $$$ it will take to protect the cat tails.
  9. January for the wetland work, maybe May or so for the break wall work
  10. Thanks Whaler. We were out there last Thursday checking things over. Should be all set now.
  11. Here is what is planned for the breakwall. Bunch of wetland enhancement to the south.
  12. My construction company is looking at a large breakwall/wetland rehab project on Braddock's Bay on Thursday and was looking for someone to take us for a boat ride in the afternoon to see the job from the water. Does anybody on here keep their boat on the bay that would be willing to take a few of us for a quick ride? We can compensate you for your time. Thanks.
  13. 25 foot Carolina Classic is available with I/O with no dog house. Four Winns 267 Quest too.
  14. Thanks again for putting this together Justin. Food was fantastic. Team Miss em really appreciates all your efforts.
  15. We were looking at bidding that I think have some plans for the project around somewhere. I'll see if I can post them. The Oswego brown trout fisherman would be most interested....
  16. That was a photo bomb! HA
  17. I took this picture about a week before they trapped that guy, about 2 miles away in North Cohocton. 8:30 in the morning and headed for a bunch of houses. Looked like a real bruiser to me. Probably the same troublemaker they trapped.
  18. Nice chunky one from today....
  19. Nice thermocline is set up now. Blundered into one today.
  20. These are a few that work for me on Oneida. Usually run them off the bottom bouncers at 1.0 mph. Have run them 8-10 feet behind a ball at 1.0 also and they hit them there just fine too.
  21. There still was no thermocline as of last Saturday but man is there some nice browns around. Lost one that was easily 15# and probably more right behind the boat. We caught fish between the surface and 50 feet down. Lake should warm up this week and start pushing the fish down.
  22. Seemed fairly consistent to me on Sunday. Plenty of weeds on the west side Sunday and only one small SMB for us. Didn't seem like a fishy day to me with the hard south wind and overcast. Tthermocline at 30 and 80 on top is easy pickings!
  23. I had the themocline at 26 to 27 feet on Sunday. 30 feet is the magic number with a whole lot warmer water on top!
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