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  1. I do. I make them with the cure and vacuum pack them. Seem to last very well.
  2. All the reservoirs on the Raquette River from Tupper to Hannawa Falls have walleyes.
  3. Bow is spoken for. Thanks for looking.
  4. I have had great luck with the Cabelas breathables as well. Use them for duck hunting in beaver ponds and have had no problems in the 3 years I have used them. Have a pair of boot foot neoprenes from Bass Pro. They are heavy as hell but have kept me dry as a bone for 4 years of steelhead fishing.
  5. 35 pounds of venison cheddar brats in one batch. Did ribs last weekend. Works like a charm!
  6. Core-lokts in my .280 leave ragged holes. Tried lots of others, nothing better in my rifle. Have never had to look very far for any whitetail I have shot with them either. Took a 328# (dressed) Black Bear last year that the 140 grain bullet went through on a broadside shot and lodged against the hide on the other side.
  7. Slug update... Slugs we ended up with worked well. My daughter shot her first deer during the youth weekend. Nice big doe at about 50 yards. One shot put her down.
  8. I cut my teeth hunting the St. Regis Canoe Area - Long Pond, Ledge Pond, East Pond. Lots of good times back there. Major effort but worth it. Had a Model 77 Ruger International .308 that was a shooter and a great carbine length to carry. Burned up in a house fire. Bought two more and neither would group well. Moved on to a .280 Model 700 after that and never looked back.
  9. Let me know what you are looking for Hookedup. Or who you were fishing with. Can probably figure out what model they had. Not building a whole lot of rods anymore but could probably get to them this winter.
  10. Yup, It's gone to a good home. Thanks.
  11. I bought one for my daughter in .260. Sweet gun. Have the youth synthetic stock on but came with the wood stock too. Hope she gets tired of it someday so I can have it!
  12. I never bothered to run it this summer but I can guarantee there would be zero light on the Cannon unit in 40 fow on Oneida. Night or day. I don't see weeds growing much over 12 feet of water from my experience.
  13. Propane burner. Did a few hour dry run today and was impressed with the heat control. Winds I had here when I was trying it today would have made my old one really struggle to heat up.
  14. Was growing out of my old smoker so I built this one out of an old fridge. Holds temp really nice and will be ready to go once I get some racks put together.
  15. Bare Naked Reef Runners trolled on the boards with whatever snap weights you need to get down around 30, and F7 in yellow perch 10 feet behind the ball right on bottom have been getting the keepers for me. 32-40 fow.
  16. Gave it try Friday night for a couple hour troll. Not a touch.
  17. Miss em

    Oneida 9/27

    Took my son and a couple of his buddies out today for a few hours. Was able to troll for a couple of hours before they wanted to do some casting. Trolled up a couple keeper walleyes and a dozen decent perch in 32 to 39 fow north of the buoys at Shackleton. Same stuff that I was catching them on in my earlier reports.
  18. I have a PSE Fire Flite that I don't use anymore. I think it is a 29" 55-70#. Needs a string. Would throw in some aluminum arrows with for you too. Pick up in Tully, NY or I do travel between there and Johnstown for work and could meet.
  19. Tried the Lightfields, Rem Copper Sabots, and Winchester BRI Sabots tonight. BRIs grouped pretty well (2" group at 75 yards), best by far out of the eight total I tried. Everything else was not great.
  20. Tried the SSTs and they were not great. Tried a couple Federals, Winchesters, best so far was the Remington Accutips. Not of ton of selection for the 20 gauges in the stores. Like to get a hold of some Rem copper sabots, guess i'll have to order them. Think I saw the brennekes at Bass Pro. I'll pick up a box.
  21. Looking for some slugs for my daughter's slug gun. She has the Remington fully rifled cantilever barrel. Tried five different slugs so far and found one that is okay but was wondering if anyone using this setup has found a really good load for it.
  22. Miss em

    Oneida 9/14

    Love that white house! I like a challenge too Justin, but I like fillets floating in hot oil pretty well too. Otisco has been down right mean to me this summer and Oneida gives them up a bit easier for me at least.
  23. Miss em

    9/14 Oneida

    I would say I had an unfair advantage after seeing all the salmon gear you had on your rig!
  24. Miss em

    Oneida 9/14

    Slower bite this morning but picked up as the day went on. Ended up with a nice bag of fillets. 10 walleyes total with 6 shorts. F7 Rapala 8 feet behind the ball was best perch rig and one walleye. Bare Naked Reef Runner fished down around 30 feet was best for the keeper walleyes. Fished mile east of the South Shore Launch and North of Shackleton Shoals. 35-40 fow.
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