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  1. I have great luck with with my Garmin 541S. Definitely would recommend it.
  2. Walker had those inverted level wind reels a few years back that hung like a spinning reel too. I guess the concept never took off.
  3. Not that I know of Greg. I think Fenwick made one at one time and Berkley had theirs that made the spiral with one offset guide on the butt section and the tip section that just went on upside down. I rebuilt twelve of those for a boat in Mexico Bay a few years back but I made my spiral over 6 guides, just like we do on the ones we make now.
  4. We put mono backing on our wire reels that need it to ensure the wire fills the spool all the way. Connection is made with a nail knot. There is a video on the Fish Doctor site on how we tie it.
  5. There is some more good brown trout info for you here too... http://blog.fishdoctorcharters.com/
  6. Snow got too high around here now. Going to have to leave the rest for seed for next year!
  7. Tohatsu makes the smaller evinrudes now too. Identical to the Mercs as far as I can tell. I have a 5 horse Evinrude on my 17 footer tiller, single cylinder. Paid an extra $400 for the Evinrude paint job essentially. Didn't buy the smallest two cylinder for the extra weight, then I went and lost 40 pounds. would have been a wash. Works good for walleye and spring brown trolling. I just run the big motor when I have a full spread of salmon gear out because of all the drag from the gear. I put a couple tennis balls under the cover and it keeps it the noise down from the cover rattling. Engine has performed great for me for the 3 years I have run it.
  8. For some reason the link to the Fish Doctor video gets cut short. The single hook gets snelled just like the treble. If you can watch the Quicktime version of the video, it is the full length that shows how to snell both hooks.
  9. Blundered into another one today....
  10. Here is an article the Fish Doctor wrote for GL Angler... Brown Trout Article0001.pdf
  11. It is all your BamBam. I work in Utica so I can get it there for you this week.
  12. Finding a few grouse in my spots this year, not quite as many as last year though. Connected on this one yesterday.
  13. Give me a call this morning when you get a chance. I sent you a pm with my number
  14. A few years back a put out an appeal on this site looking for a youth bow to purchase. Seasquirrel responded and actually gave me an amazing set up for my son to use. It is a Stacey Archery Tom Thumb with 10-20# limbs. I have cams and string sets for both 15-20 inch and 21-25 inch draw lengths. Not looking for any $$ for it, just want to find a good home for it, where it will get put to good use by someone serious about getting their child started off with archery. UPDATE - Bow has found a new home with Matt. Thanks for looking Catch you later, Jeff
  15. The riggers can go up to a 4' boom (3 sections) and handle a 10# weight no problem. I used to run up to 13# weights on them with a probe. I am in Utica pretty much every day so I can throw them in the car and meet up with you sometime if you want to check them out. Make it to Johnstown at least one day a week as well.
  16. I will see what flat rate box they will fit in tomorrow dukhnter8. I'll let you know.
  17. I'm sure they will fit in a flat rate box somehow Gary. I will let you know Monday.
  18. Have a few odds and ends for sale. Set of 20 Riviera Dodgers. 20 total, sizes R2,R3,R4 $20 Two custom Fish Doctor springtime planer board rods. 9' light action. I built these and used them once. They are built on 5 wt fly rod blanks and would also make great drift rods for anyone that uses a baitcaster. Excellent condition, just prefer the 7 footers on my small boat. $175 each 21' Teleflex QC II steering cable - Cable used for one outing, connectors still in package - FREE Ice Fishing Sled - SOLD I have one our our Fish Doctor downrigger rods ready to wrap. Seven foot, one piece, MH moderate action. One of our most versatile rods, I have run 12# to 30# test on them. You pick you thread color. - SOLD Would prefer to meet somewhere on the bigger stuff. I live in Tully but travel all over NY for work. Shipping extra $$ if needed.
  19. Miss em


    Was 328# dressed. Taken in Saratoga County near Edinburg.
  20. Team Miss em is in for a trollarama.
  21. Miss em


    Did just get my aging data back from one I shot in 2013. My boar was 13.75 years old. Oldest reported boar taken in 2013 was in St. Lawrence county and was 15.75 years old. Oldest reported sow was taken in ADK1's backyard (Edinburg, Saratoga Co.) and was 20.75 years old.
  22. I have Leupold Vari x 3 with Heavy Crosshairs on a couple of our shotguns. One is 1.5 x 5 power, other is 1.75 x 6 power. Really nice setups.
  23. Still available. Sent you a PM
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