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  1. Dear Fish Magnet, If you haven't already, add a second battery as far to the stern on either side of the engine. Only run a 1/2 tank of fuel and be sure and store your rigger weights in the stern area. I believe that the HT has altered the balance of your boat because of the lighter engine (4.3 V-6). I believe a V-8 powered boat would definitely improve the balance. I would go the Penn Yan owners website and state your problem also. I will bet this boat planes easily without hydraulic trim tabs? Not much help but you are gaining boat handling knowledge. And always water test a boat before you buy one. All hulls have different handling characteristics. This knowledge will be very usefull when the lake gets rough! You are located where the highest waves have been recorded in Lake Ontario...Oswego.... Respectfully submitted,.........Jet Boat Bill
  2. Dear FM,....Ditto Time Out......What model, year, length, beam, engine...or engines...drive combo, fuel tank and third tank? location? Some of the 26ft.hardtop models were bow heavy. The factory added ballast to some of these boats at the stern......(poured concrete....had to see it to believe it..., BAD IDEA! Respectfully submitted, Jet Boat Bill
  3. Dear Goodyear Trailer tire USERS! Every trailer tire in 205/75/14 by Goodyear is now made in CHINA....has been since I bought FOUR, two years ago. (MADE IN CHINA) on tire sidewall. I believe only Cooper is making them in the USA. Remember that no warranty exists on boat trailer tires to my knowledge. Please note that boat trailer tires are RATED @ 55 MPH!!! It's either China or Mexico source. If you buy any trailer tire....Ask about the warranty on boat trailer tires!! And buy load range "D" if you can find them..... Respectfully submitted,....Jet Boat Bill
  4. Dear LL, They have been doing this for several decades. I believe it started whenever aircraft started flying over LO. Try to locate "Small Craft Guide, Lake Ontario" First Edition 1985. from the Canadian Government publishing Center in Hull, Quebec ISBN 0-660-11876-9 This book has a few pages of detail on surface current results due to specific wind directions. I got mine in 1986. Traded two dozen NK28's for it. I have studied it often. Especially ....West wind causes a current reversal on the Northern Shore of Lake Ontario after a two to three day west wind! Search & rescue people have access to this info also. Study this book and you will be much smarter! .......Respectfully submitted....Jet Boat Bill
  5. Dear F.T, Have a couple of the Cannon rigid plastic switch guards. Send me your address, please and I will send them....... Sincerely, Jet Boat Bill
  6. Dear Vince P, Thank you for the bait update! I remember the emerald shiners coming into the Wilson Harbor during the "boom years"!! Absolutely dynamite Chinook fishing during these runs! And yes, we DO NEED INCREASED STOCKING LEVELS!!! I would VOTE YES! Sincerely, Jet Boat Bill..................P.S. Dear Ray K, Smelting Tips!! Swing your "Speed Net" at the top of the falls in knee deep water dressed in your Ray K. suit and you will be on TV instantly!! The "Homeland Security" boys will even help you out of the water!! Go for it!!
  7. Dear Flywasher, I assume your 25' boat and trailer weigh 6,000 lbs. How many people in your family? Add up the weight total...and you will see that you need a substantial tow vehicle. I would recommend a minimum 3/4 ton capacity vehicle with a minimum 3.73 rear axle ratio (4.11 best). Engine size should be 6.0 Liter minimum. Diesels are excellent but the new 2010 ones have a $6,000 dollar catalytic converter! and the GM/Chevy DuraMax's get terrible mileage when empty (18 mpg) compared to the Ford & Dodge. These tow vehicles are not cheap when bought as New vehicles and the warranties are voided by any service writer/dealer for the slightest vehicle alteration. Do your research work carefully on any combination that you are offered. Even Toyota needs carefull research! Talk to other persons with the type vehicle you want to buy. LOOK FOR ONE YEAR OLD rigs. The prices are so good thru the wholesalers, it's almost unreal. EXAMPLE: Saw a one year old Ford Crew Cab (Extremely Clean) dually diesel (turbo), 15,000 miles, sell for 19,000 after two times thru the lane in Buffalo last August....sold by a FORD dealer! That's a 50,000 PLUS sticker vehicle...NOTE: Ford has had SEVERE ENGINE WARRANTY problems with some of their previous diesels. Exercise extreme care when purchasing a tow vehicle. It is a major expense outlay and remember that the cost of fuel will exceed your monthly vehicle loan payment! ..........My experience comes from owning a tow vehicle my entire life and living thru several towing incidents...last one was replacing three tires on a 3200 mile round trip to SW Florida on a 6,000 lb.boat trailer. I presently drive a 2003 Chev Tahoe 5.3 gas V-8 with 3.73 gears. Have replaced numerous electronic devices from fuel pump to electronic dash & both front wheel bearings. Redid trans. plastic trans.solenoids with aluminum ones. Trans should last forever..now. Respectfully submitted, .....Jet Boat Bill
  8. One NEW IN BOX Sitex HH200 handheld VHF radio with all accessories and charger! First $60.00....585-265-3082......Webster, NY Call 9 AM to 8 PM
  9. New trailer tire on Chrome slotted trailer rim...5 lug-4 1/2" bolt circle...$50.00!!! ....Webster, NY 585-265-3082.....9AM to 8 PM
  10. Dear Flea Market Fishermen!, I will have NK28's and NK Magnum's (silver plate) 50 cents each(used) and most decorated with different custom tapes(about 75). Luhr-Jensen #3,4 & 5 size original j-Plugs used $1.00 each9about 35). NK solid brass belt buckles $5.00 each....only 4 available. A collectors item!! An Original ESLO DERBY/Busch Beer cooler tape..10.00 One NEW in the box Sitex HH200 (handheld VHF) with all accessories & charger..$60.00. One new boat trailer tire (5 lug/4 1/2 bolt patternwith used chrome spoked wheel size ST205/75/R14....Load range C....$50.00. Mercruiser Thunderbolt IV Complete ignition System installed in your boat....$400.00 Look for a tall guy with a brown Cormorant cap and you will get a free spoon if I have any left! This will be a great event!...... Sincerely, ......Jet Boat Bill
  11. Dear AW, Here in the USA, it is required on all boats under 20 ft in length. Not sure about the regs on your side of the Big Lake! Keep the sticker visible, no one but you knows where it was! The USCG will use this info when checking your vessel on USA water. In some states out west, failure to have the sticker is very strictly enforced....(FINES!) Insurance adjustors also will check for the tag....so don't overpower or overload the boat. Be safe and catch more fish! .....Respectfully submitted,.......Jet Boat bill
  12. Dear Off the Hook, Are the flea market tables indoors or out doors? Sincerely, Jet Boat Bill
  13. Dear Gill-T, Running the engine until hot (about 10 minutes at fast idle with water supply connected to your engine) will drastically reduce your pumping time. Trying to drain cold engine oil or pump it is a terrible time! The smell of gasoline in the oil is not unusual UNLESS you see obvious thinning of the oil. Filling your boat tank in the fall to the top can cause a little fuel to push by the carb needle and seat. Especially if you trailer or move the boat after filling the tank to the top. Check the oil after the engine has warmed up and the dip stick should no longer have the gasoline odor. Be sure you do not have a sticking choke on the carb. This will dump excessive fuel which will get by the piston rings and into the crank case. A lot of the 1980 to 1990 boats are getting tired from the long hours of trolling and storage problems. Keep a sharp eye and nose! ...................... Respectfully submitted, ..........Jet Boat Bill
  14. Dear ST, A kicker on a 31 Baha with twins will be a handfull in any kind of a wind from your beam. These boats have a lot of superstructure above the waterline and wind forces wreck havoc with your rudder control. And you will need the main engine alternator to recharge your multiple batteries for your electric riggers etc. You won't be fishing down very far most of the time in the Toronto Area, but you will need lots of battery power when your electronics are on. You have very short runs to your Fishy areas (1/2 mile out at Bluffers Park Marina) so fuel consumption is minimal but still expensive based upon Canadian Gasoline PRICES! Big Fishing boats such as yours are now a luxury due to the cost of fuel. If gasoline ever gets to $5.00 gallon on the US side, I predict the large Charter Boats will be forced to shut down. Enjoy the boat while you can!! They (30 ft+)really flatten out the wave motion on the choppy days and keep your passengers enjoying the fun. Climb on a 10 Meter Trojan sometime and see what the big beam does on rough days. Respectfully submitted, ......Jet Boat Bill
  15. Dear ST, A trip to Toronto at this time of the year would be very scary. Without a flybridge for excellent visibility, the odds are in favor that you will find a partially sunken deadhead as Vince P. stated. These can do unbelievable damage to struts, props and put a hole in your fiberglass boat. Try to leave the US side after a prevailing west wind that lasts a couple days. This will keep the majority of the big trash along the US shore. Fast idle speed 7 or 8 MPH will get you there in 3 to 4 hours. (25 miles). BE SURE THAT YOUR RADIO IS WORKING!! And all safety equipment is on board. That 39F water looks pretty and blue but getting in trouble out there can be life threatning. Good luck on your trip. Jet Boat Bill........P.S. My 1/4 inch aluminum hull (made in Canada)with a Hamilton Jet drive laughs at the log jams!!!!
  16. Dear Big Gene, Searched locally (Rochester NY) with the two major engine rebuilders. No 229 cubic inch(3. Chevrolet blocks are available. the block you are looking for came in the 1980 to 1984 V-6 Camaros. All these blocks have the fuel pump boss that you will need for your carb'd engine. I would start searching the bone yards. This block commands PREMIUM $$ because of its short span in the Car production mode and lack of availibilty!! Respectfully, Jet Boat Bill
  17. Dear Gezijamez, Please read the posters request, they are asking for a four cylinder type engine. Not a V-6, and check your memory on your V-6. ALL GM Production car, truck, & marine engines, both 3.8 and 4.3 came with 2 bolt main engines. The only 4 bolt main V-6's were GM Bowtie blocks and are extremely scarce!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. The stainless steel headgaskets are only necessary for use in salt water. Blue Felpro head gaskets seal better and last several thousand hours in freshwater operation. Sincerely, Jet Boat Bill
  18. Dear Trolling 82, TAKE NOTE. If you have trouble with your O/B stalling from lack of fuel, your check valve located in the FUEL TANK supply elbow may be only suitable for a mechanical style engine mounted fuel pump that draws sufficient vacuum (I/O's). I saw different check valves installed in boats that were destined for O/B,s and occassionally PennYan (1980's)mixed up the check valves. Took me a few hours to figure it out, the FIRST time! Now I inspect the inline check valves very carefully. Dirt in the ball seat can reduce the flow and give the indication of a NG fuel pump, carb. etc. Respectfully submitted, ....Jet Boat Bill
  19. Dear PS II, Sounds like a 151 (2.5 Liter) Mercruiser??. Scarce and not the same as the Pontiac 4 cylinders automotive engine. If it is, a marina or a "Craigs list boat" would be a good place for a donor engine. There is a lot of these old boats around. Try Ray "K" suggestion on a marina near you. $4200 for labor and an engine with warranty is not excessive, but can be pared down IF you can find an engine in good condition. Call Hank at L & M Marine on Port Bay also...he may have one. (He is also a moderator on this site) Respectfully submitted, Jet Boat Bill
  20. Dear PS II, You will have to be more specific, please! Mercruiser, OMC or Volvo? What engines specific...year, cubic inch, model #, carb. or FI. Some automotive engines will interchange but the intake, ignition system, etc. varies quite a bit. I am good on OEM GM engine info for marine use. Some of the Marine GM V-6 engines are getting far and few due to the need for a functioning fuel pump boss on the block. GM V-8 cores (Chev) are around but getting pricey at this time of the year BECAUSE of freeze jobs! My spare V-8 engines were sold last year quickly! Rebuilding V-8's is getting very expensive. AND in MY OPINION....buying a GM "crate" engine is a very bad idea. All replacement GM OEM engines are now manufactured in Mexico and inferior in every component, materials, machining and powder metal connecting rods! Let us know what the specifics are, PLEASE! Respectfully submitted, Jet Boat Bill
  21. Dear Going Again, IF you have a NYS concealed carry permit, You can carry your handgun LOADED. BUT the DEC considers loaded firearms (long guns) verboten ON OR IN ANY MOTORIZED VEHICLE...ATV, Motorcycle, FARM TRACTOR, golf cart and on....including boats!! Discharge of shotguns is permitted from boats engaged in waterfowl hunting ONLY when the boat has ceased all forward motion including sailboats! I was stopped IN the Niagara River (4 years ago) at the boat launch by a full blown USCG on board inspection and one of the first questions was..."Do you have any firearms onboard?" I answered quickly, "NO, Sir" but wanted to add NOT TODAY SIR!, but thought better NOT TO ADD THE PUNCHLINE! They did a very carefull inspection of all compartments and told me it was OK to possess EXPIRED 12 GaugeFLARE CARTRIDGES. And I have installed Trius trap machines on the back of more then one 50 footer out of Rochester in the past! In today's world, target practice out on the lake could bring you a lot of trouble! Respectfully Submitted, Jet Boat Bill
  22. Dear Mountain Goat, Those are some very nice Brown trout! Congratulations on a fine catch! Respectfully submitted, Jet Boat Bill P.S. The second picture is very interesting (with Sun Glasses) That fish has the shape of a torpedo in the photograph but has a very square tail which is typical of a mature brown trout. It almost could pass for an Atlantic...but mature Atlantics that size (that I have examined) have a very slightly forked tail. The lack of distinct spots raised my eyeballs, but pictures sometimes cannot tell the whole story. STILL A VERY NICE CATCH!!
  23. Dear Pequod I, An ST20575D14 is a bias ply trailer tire...That's what the "D" stands for. The actual load range will be found on the side of the tire, Most of them are either "B" or "C" load range. My ST20575R14 trailer tires (R stands for Radial Ply) are load range C. Yours is brand new and is worth all of $75.00!! Respectfully submitted....Jet Boat Bill
  24. Dear Hank, Thank you for digging deep on this "News Story" from ESPN. It scared the hell out of me! Another News Service with their "spin". I am tired of such poorly written stuff. And written by someone in the "Fishing Industry" !!!! It does make me extremely suspect of "News Reporting" in the MEDIA. Thanks again Hank for digging out the truth!! Sincerely, Jet Boat Bill on the way back to Webster, NY
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