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  1. It really changes things........ Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Damn it ! https://esd.ny.gov/guidance-executive-order-2026 Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  3. Boat launches closed ? What’s your source for that information ? Thanks Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  4. This article states the launch is open for now. http://www.oswegocountynewsnow.com/news/barlow-says-we-need-to-do-better-bans-non-essential-travel/article_56e327e8-751d-11ea-b559-474da7b8c5d2.html Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. This article says the boat launch is open. http://www.oswegocountynewsnow.com/news/barlow-says-we-need-to-do-better-bans-non-essential-travel/article_56e327e8-751d-11ea-b559-474da7b8c5d2.html Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Nice looking equipment. If I hadn’t just bought the same thing from this site earlier this year, I’d be all over them ! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. In case the batteries run out. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  8. Black Lake Report - Dec 18 - No one on it. Might change soon as it was below zero overnight. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. SPOILER ALERT - Mystery solved ! I took the boat to a shop that services Mercs. The owner told me he suspected a faulty torque hub, possible incorrect prop. Got a call a few days later saying the torque hub was fine, and he think the prop was not the issue, so he called Mercury. One thing they told him was to check the EXHAUST SLEEVE. He checked the sleeve, and found that it was missing. That allowed the exhaust to escape in front of the prop, causing the “prop slippage”/ cavitation issue. I took it for a test drive. Now it pops up on plane almost immediately, and tops out at about 43 mph at 5500 rpms. Thanks for all the suggestions and comments. In the end I think nymphO is the winner with the diagnosis of exhaust blow by. Rusty Rusty
  10. That's the combo I use. I also try and use mag primers. 209 sometimes needs them for ignition. Rusty
  11. Thank you Ski-dooz. I tried checking it while on the trailer in the driveway. There wasn’t enough clearance to get the outboard all the way down. If I had to guess, I’m about a # 9. I’ll address that concern when I leave it with the marina tomorrow. Rusty Rusty
  12. Glad to see there are some quality deer in NY. Let em go, so they can grow ! Rusty
  13. For sale- two unopened, new in box Cannon Retro ease downrigger weight retrievers. $25, shipped US address only. Rusty
  14. Hi folks, I have a Cannon Mag 10 that has been on a shelf for a couple of years. Looking to get rid of it. It has the old style power cable, and no down rigger cable. Has a single rear rod holder, and the retro ease retriever system. I have hooked it to a 12v power supply, and it functions, just not sure if it’s all there. Anyway, $50 and it’s yours. Pick up only, Watertown area. Thanks for looking -Rusty Rusty
  15. Wow, so many potential causes. Not at all like diagnosing a flat tire or burned out bulb. Thanks Rusty
  16. Thank you all. Especially to Born to Fish for offering to let me try his prop. I talked to a outboard mechanic. He said check the hub, if that’s not it, then needs a different prop. I was able to got a WOT reading- 5960 rpms. From what I can tell, the recommended rpm form,the motor is 5000-5800 rpms. Rusty
  17. These are the pix of the safe John sent me. Looks pretty nice, at a great price. Rusty
  18. No wonder you caught more fish than I did ! The screen on the inside wall of the trench looked much better than in the open water. By then I had run out of time. Beats working ! Rusty
  19. I was out on the finger for a couple of hours Tuesday. Temp was 73 @ 100. Once I got out a little deeper I found some mid 50s deep. Temp seemed to jump around, 48 in one spot, a few min later, 63 at the same depth. Anyway, got a 26 lb king on a green/silver/black stinger. Sorry, I’m no good with the names after they come out of the package. That was the only hit I had, probably because I tangled two dips eyes and a copper on a turn, and didn’t know it until it was time to head in. Still beats working, still learning the fishery in that area. Lots of lakers from what I’m understanding. The fleas weren’t bad, how ever, they seem to have grown. They look like miniature shrimp now. I could see the eyes, and their little spiny legs. Not as many, and much easier to clear from the lines. I hope to get out one day next week if the winds cooperate. Good luck,out there ! Rusty
  20. Thanks Born to Fish. Could I trouble you for the size and pitch of the prop you are using ? Rusty
  21. You are welcome Brian. I don't have a bow mounted trolling motor. I'm sore the two batteries add some needed now ballast. What prop is on your 150 ? I'm having some concerns with the performance of the 150 on my 196, and think it may be prop related. Thanks - Rusty Rusty
  22. Howdy all, I have a Starcraft Fishmaster 196 pushed by a Mercury 150 four stroke. Both are 2012 editions. I believe the boat is experiencing excessive prop slippage during acceleration, and am looking for some input on the issue. I don’t have numbers as to rpms and mph, but after the boat gets on plane, the rpms seem to be too high. When the boat gets to about 20-25 mph, I can pull the throttle back, and the prop seems to “catch”. By that I mean the rpms will drop suddenly, but the boat continues at the same speed. On the motor currently is a 15” x 17p propeller. It’s in good shape. I bought the boat used, and with it came an extra propeller, it’s a 14.5”x 19p. It’s in pretty bad shape, and I’m guessing it’s the prop that came on the boat when it was new. 1) Are there other folks out there with the same boat/motor configuration ? If so, what prop are you running, and do you experience excessive prop slippage ? 2) Can you tell by the information I’ve given if the current prop is correct for the boat. 3) Could the issue be caused by something other than the prop- clutch perhaps. If so, what the diagnosis to determine clutch slippage ? Thanks in advance for you help Rusty Rusty
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